Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 5 Love Songs That Never Get Enough Respect

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Recently, since I have begun a new relationship, me and my boyfriend have been doing the corniest of actions: Tagging each other with mushy songs on Facebook. It is nothing short of the mushiness you find in a Disney movie, but every time we do this it puts the biggest smile on my face and the biggest shiny feeling in my heart. Overall, it's just adorable, but it got me thinking: What are my favorite love songs? Sure, I like the usual suspects of our modern times, but then there are ones that get me that maybe doesn't exactly get the everyday person and thus they get no respect (as Rodney Dangerfield would say) and maybe today will get some after this post. So let's take a look at what I believe to be the best of the best, as cheesy as some of them can be.

5. Your Love Strong Enough by Bryan Ferry

I love the 80's, can you tell? One of the things that came out of the decade that I really love is the film "Legend" by Ridley Scott. The film tells the story of a princess and a poor boy that fall for each other in their magic land, with their love being tested by the forces of darkness and the elements of time (there are also unicorns and Tim Curry as The Devil - legit.) So it's fitting that the film contain a love song as part of it's soundtrack. Though it can be a tad cheesy (isn't everything from the 80's in some way?) Bryan Ferry's vocals and the guitar by David Gilmour make it especially romantic and special. It has stayed with people in a cult sort of way, that it even got covered and put into the American version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. So, Is Your Love Strong Enough?

4. Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Lick The Tins

Yeah, yeah, this song in it's original and more pop like versions gets respect. It's an Elvis classic and everyone and their momma knows it. But, I'm pretty sure not everyone knows the cover by Lick The Tins. From the Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack, this down to earth cover always makes me think of the most romantic and mushy of thoughts. With its adorable use of celtic influences and small little additions, this 80's version really makes it its own and to me is honestly more memorable then the original. Beat that Elvis!

3. That Old Black Magic (Any version)
Johnny Mercer is my favorite songwriter in the world. Every single one of his songs had an incredible amount of drive and soul, that were complex for their time and were also incredibly well thought out lyrically. Sure, Moon River is a classic that will never go out of style, as well as number of his other classics. But the song that always sticks with me is That Old Black Magic. Though not exactly any sort of wedding tune, this song perfectly explains that moment of when you meet someone for the first time and feel the fire and drive they have that makes you attracted to them. No, it's not about getting to the club and seeing some hottie from across the room that you'll forget about the next day. Instead, That Old Black Magic discusses the elements of a person that stay with you for days and that never escape your mind. I think we all can connect with that on some level.

2. Zing went the Strings of my Heart by Rufus Wainwright

I'll confess that Rufus Wainwright is definitely up there in my favorite singers category. I've discussed my love for the Mr. Fabulous himself on numerous occasions, but it is pretty obvious that Wainwright doesn't have a lot of love songs in his catalog. But for some reason, his cover of Judy Garland's Zing! is one of my favorites in the bunch. It's so full of life, love and that magical feeling similar to the song discussed previously. If you haven't, I highly recommend checking out the concert DVD it comes from, where Wainwright replicates one of Garland's last famous concerts in her career. It's brilliant, to say the least.

1. Dreams by The Cranberries

Okay, let me break it down this way for you: I am a product of the 90's. For some reason whenever I heard this song I thought that it meant the world was perfect, that everything was at peace. Also, as evidence by the video, I connected this song with one of my favorite TV shows, My So Called Life. If Angela got happy and in love with this song, then that most be the ultimate love song. Of course, I then learned Angela was falling for a not such great guy (but Jordan is a hottie, can't deny it). Regardless, Dreams is one of those unique songs that only comes around every so often and sticks with people. It was bold and different for it's time, yet reflected much of the feelings that young people in the decade had about their life and moving on to adulthood. I imagined this in the soundtrack of my life, and I never plan on taking it out. I can easily say it will definitely be played on my wedding.

So what is your ultimate love song that you think doesn't get enough credit? Post it in the comments below, I'm always looking for new additions to my iTunes!


Arika said...

I love Ol' Black Magic, my favorite version was one Jaye P. Morgan did with Dr. Teeth on the Muppet Show. She had this really gravely voice that worked well with the song.

My favorite love song is is also an oldy, "I Can't Smile Without You".

Otakitty said...

This clip of Dreams & My so called life just made me interested in watching the series! I guess it's a good thing I can see it on HULU now.
I grew up in the 90s as well, but this show was not brought over to South America (or maybe I missed it?)



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