Monday, June 4, 2012

Disneyland Trip January '13: Planning The Outfits

It's no secret that I love Disney, and have since I was in the womb. Anything related to the company (minus it's awful Tween market) are a big part of my life and my nerding. So, I decided when I was younger, that I wanted to spend my 23rd birthday in one of the Disney parks (Because my birthday is on the 23rd!). This decision was made prior to my first trip to Disneyland, but I recently came to the conclusion that though Disney World is the bomb, Disneyland is my favorite of the two American resorts. And with that, my 23rd birthday will be spent in the Disneyland Park! 

And of course, it is no secret that I have all ready begun making plan after plan for this trip, including all my outfits which I plan to purchase some new ones in accordance to my special day. This trip I am trying to make it visually everything I have dreamed of. So thus I am going to wear everything I would possibly want to so I can remember my birthday as a fashion extravaganza! 

The most important outfit is of course, The Birthday outfit! Ever since I traveled to Acen to see Angelic Pretty, I had become fascinated with AP's Toy Drop series, specially the OP cut in Red! The combo of the chiffon fabric and its comfortable full shirred back looks like a girls dream come true. I truly dig the feel and look of the dress, especially after seeing it on Rin Rin in person! Also, red shoes with the outfit are a must. I found these off of etsy, which can be custom made into any color you want! (Also planning to get a pair of boots made in mint color from them also)

Another outfit I want is another frilly outfit to wear during another day at Disney and possibly for when I travel to LA! One dress I have had my eye on has been Meta's Cotton Candy Cloud print. I love the fully shirred version, and it just so happen to go really well with both these adorable kitten heels from ModCloth and these tights from SweetieCakes

Finally, no trip is complete without some more run around travel outfit gear. For me, I require a girly nostalgic tee, and Might Fine T's recent Jem collection is perfect for me. I freaked out when a Glitter and Gold shirt was released, and I seriously need it in my life to represent my love of the Holograms. Also a pair of fun printed or colored skinny jeans always does the added trick for me! 

So will my trip unfold into the fashion week of my dreams? We will just have to see!


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