Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NYC's Lolita Community Halloween Tea Party 2015

The spoopy season continues, especially in New York City's Lolita Fashion Community! We just had our annual Halloween Tea Party, hosted by the queen of spoop herself, Yanise of KawaiiLIFE. This year's party took place at King's Carriage, a location we went to for a similar get together years ago. The staff loves us, and always is super friendly, even remembering specific frilly ladies whenever we return. The place was perfect for a spooky themed party, with the burgundy walls, creaky floors, and other little touches.

Yanise set up a lovely, down to earth event, which included a Jack-o-Lantern contest that was beyond cool. The creativity of the contestants was so inspiring, especially Amy's Pokemon pumpkin and Ashley's Baby Head pumpkin. Each of the winners got three awesome prizes: two small Baby The Stars Shine Bright wallets, and one large white one as the big grand prize. There was also an honorable mention prizes, which was a free digital copy of Crystal's book.

As for me, my outfit was a bit of a last minute effort. I was pondering for weeks what I could wear to the event, but finally when I asked Crystal what her coordinate was gonna be, I decided to twin with her. The general look of my outfit is inspired by 60's Mahou Shoujo series like Sally The Witch, with some touches of cute silver and blue accessories to make the colors in Magical Etoile pop! My favorite item I added was my Beast Disneybound hairbow clip (from Extra Sweet Bowtique), putting a little bit of a Disney element into my otherwise Magical Girl coordinate.

If you're curious to know what fun was had, my first new vlog in forever (which is also on Magic Ala Mode's official new YouTube channel, yay!) can be viewed below:

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Until next time, keep up the magic!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Keepin' The Peak: Movies To Watch Before/After "Crimson Peak"

So, the movie that was #1 on my most anticipated list for 2015 finally came out, and its name is Crimson Peak. Directed by Guillermo del Toro, this gothic romance has truly taken my heart, buried it into a pile of frills, melodramatic acting, Tom Hiddleston hotness, and everything else that peaks my spoopy interest this Halloween season. But incase you haven't seen the film, or are curious to see more films related to Crimson Peak, I thought I'd come up with a list of sorts (inspired by my friend Cinema Doll's blog post) to help satisfy your cinematic cravings.

Now, onto the list, in no particular order.... 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

RuffleCon 2015

Sorry for the radio silence, folks! The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of insanity. From my D23 trip (which I will write about soon) to meet ups, I have been one busy lady. But if you can't tell from this post, I am gonna focus on one particular event that truly took over my life: RuffleCon 2015.

RuffleCon took place at the Sheraton Stamford hotel, in Stamford CT, only a little over a week ago. I was part of the 2015 planning staff, which consisted of the major players that helped bring the fashion conference to life. I was in charge of Media Management, essentially meaning I was the one that edited all the promo videos prior to the conference, and helped organize all the photographers and videographers, to make sure they got to where they needed to be, to get the most coverage.

I also helped run a charity Instax booth for RAINN, a cause I hold close to my heart. If you'd like to know more about them, click here. I was lucky that I got to see a ton of awesome faces throughout the conference, and got to meet some new ones too. I loved being able to capture so many beautiful individuals, ones that otherwise might have felt that they were going unnoticed.

Throughout the conference, I wore a couple of awesome coordinates. Friday I was able to rock two! The first was an Ariel inspired coord, which would have been worn at D23 Expo, if the weather wasn't so hot. RuffleCon was the perfect place to wear it though, as I was presenting that day a Nerd Lolita panel with my lovely friend (and GRO), Angela. I then quickly changed into Angel of Music, as the designer (Haenuli) was a guest, and a group of us wanted to wear the print in front of her during the masquerade.

Ariel Coordinate Photo - Credit to Xiaoyu 

Angel of Music Group Photo - Credit to Yanise

Saturday was all about looking Spoopy, and in keeping with the spirit, I rocked my first ever Witch themed coordinate. I found a mini hat from Target, and did some DIY magic with a off-brand bow I had been given years earlier. I matched it with my Putumayo cat series JSK, Forever 21 blouse, and paired an off-brand hippy skirt from H&M that works perfectly as an under piece. Finished that off with my TUK Cat Shoes, and some cat themed glasses, and I was the Spoopy princess of my dreams. 

Beautiful photo by Xin Lolita Photography

That day, I had another responsibility: Hosting the first act of the fashion show. Man, was that a challenge. I haven't been that nervous in a long time, but amidst everything, and even with the small hiccups, I think we all made it work pretty well. I'm glad I was able to put some comedy into it, and if I ever get the chance again, I'll sprinkle more jokes in there. 

When Sunday came around, I was pretty tired, and did a pretty standard coordinate with Haenuli's Planetary Dreamer, my favorite print she's ever made. No matter how many times I wear it, it is beyond comfortable. And it was a good thing I wore something that comfy, since I was running around a lot that day, and had to tame some intense raptors (photographers/videographers) too!

Me and Victoria, thanks to KYOPLAY Photography

Evidence of my taming skills 

Overall, RuffleCon was an incredible experience! I have said this many times, but this community is my family. For years I felt like such a social outcast, and that I would never find my true calling. Alternative Fashion is my calling, and showing its beauty is a purpose I know I am meant to do, for as long as it will let me. Major shout outs and love to my Maple Coven (media team), the Planning Staff (you know who you are) and all my friends I made during the conference. Every single one of you are incredible individuals, and I am one lucky lady to have been in your presence. 

So did you go to RuffleCon 2015? What did you wear? Are you coming next year? Let's discuss all the RC fun in the comment section below. 



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