Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obsession Ala Mode: Creamy Mami

I am a girl. That is definitely an easy word to say to describe myself on a general basis as it is my gender. But why do I make such a bold statement? Well, if you knew me at age... let's say 5, you would have thought otherwise based on my interest. My favorite thing was Power Rangers, along with Godzilla. I did also have a fondness for girly things, but on a very long scale in comparison.

Fast forward to the present, and I am almost the complete opposite. When you enter my room, I am a girly freak of nature. Everything I own is either pink or purple (along with mint) and if possible everything has a laced edge. And nothing is more apparent of my recent girly evolution then my recent dive into Mahou Shoujo titles, specifically ones made in the 80s and 90s. My newest love: Creamy Mami. The shoujo classic that for some reason I have only just discovered.

Creamy Mami tells the story of Yuu, a somewhat tomboy younger girl who is suddenly taken by alien cats (I kid you not, they make Luna look much more normal) and is given the power to become an older and more mature purple haired version of herself. This version of herself goes out into the world and is discovered with the talent of song and names herself (after her parent's bakery) Creamy Mami!

It's very obvious that the series has had a recently huge rediscovery around the world. This in a lot of ways is due to the abilities of the internet and the introduction of the fashion Fairy Kei and Spank! With these fashions, and the love affair that Creamy Mami represents, this show has gained a huge new fanbase (including myself) who without these new styles might have not discovered this classic and inspirational Mahou Shoujo piece. 

But what is the drive of this show in the first place? It has an incredibly simple concept that by today's anime standards are almost considered maybe too old school for fans to even begin to enjoy. To me, I think a lot of its popularity stands from it being one of the first. Since it's creation in 1983, Creamy Mami was the first anime that created its own unique advertising style: It was made to jump start the career of a up and coming singer! It's seiyuu, who played both Yuu and Creamy Mami, eventually became a huge musical star in Japan based on the show. 

What other famous girl centered show is like this? One of my favorites, Jem and the Holograms. Both shows take an somewhat ordinary character and make her an much more unique and special person. Though I am a fan of the shows in which the magical girls kick actual bad guy but, I am also a fan of these idol like shows, to which of course would make me a fan of the one that started it all. 

It's also hard to deny that the colors within the Creamy Mami world are beyond attractive to anyone involved in Sweet Lolita or Fairy Kei. Many shoujo shows are appealing to this as well, but nothing continues to visually inspire fashion in the way it does like Creamy Mami. Even brands like Angelic Pretty made an entire collection inspired by the show (and its really hard for me not to buy every single piece from it.)

Because of this recent obsession, I am now highly wanting to do an outfit inspired by the purple haired songstress herself at Otakon this year! Are any of you Creamy Mami fans? Have you purchased any items from the Angelic Pretty or other fashion brand collections? I am so wanting to discuss this! If you are interested in seeing the show, check out the subtitled episodes here


Victoria Suzanne said...

I tried to get the Creamy Mami AP OP but it was already sold out ;o; Official new dream dress! I'm planning a few "magical girl" style coordinates soon... possibly with the focus on Sailor Moon!

Anonymous said...

There's an AP creamy Mami OP?! Want!



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