Friday, June 1, 2012

New Beginnings

When I created this blog, I intended it to be an outlet for my Disney nerd, my extreme hobby of choice. But as you can see, this blog has stayed silent since it's creation in August 2011 with nothing that has been posted. But then I thought "Hey, why not come back here again and make it something more." and that is what I am going to do ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to my one and only blog that will be existing from this point on. Magical Ala Mode will be where it is at for everything I do. Lolita, Disney, Movies, Theme Parks - everything that I hold dear I am going to post the hell out of on this blog. I refuse to just let my thoughts stand slowly behind the counter of a restriction to a theme. I am myself after all, and I deserve to have my day in the sun, as Cyndi Lauper would say.

So welcome to the new Magical Ala Mode. Everything will be getting into the swing of things slowly, but eventually a fresh new layout will be in place with a lot of sparkly and fun posts to boot to the whole new theme of the theme being everything about me, and I hope you can handle that! Be prepared my friends, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.




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