Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Prepping for D23 Expo - Part 2 - Ariel Coordinate

Welcome to another edition of Prepping for D23 Expo! This week, we're gonna focus on my second coordinate for the event. You saw my Anna snowflake covered get up, but the other princess I am paying tribute to is much more sunny and water friendly. And if you guessed Ariel, you'd be correct! With my recent purchase of Marine Kingdom, I've been dreaming of doing as many different mermaid themed coordinates as possible - The Little Mermaid herself, included.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Prepping for D23 Expo - Part 1 - Anna Coordinate

This week, with a month till my big trip, I am gonna start a small three part series about my prepping for Disney's D23 Expo. Many of you are probably wondering what exactly that entails, other than packing my Mouse Ears and Park Tickets - and trust me, it gets a lot more complicated, but in the best of ways possible.

So, to begin, I wanna start by explaining what I will be wearing to the Expo. For some, they will be in a basic T-shirt and jeans throughout the duration of the event. For others, they will be cosplaying from morning till night, with possible multiple costume changes throughout the day. But what about me, you ask? Well I will be doing a mixture of both, as I will be wearing Lolita Fashion coordinates all weekend, inspired by some of my favorite Disney Princesses. But which ones will I be tackling? Here's a breakdown:



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