Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Prepping for D23 Expo - Part 2 - Ariel Coordinate

Welcome to another edition of Prepping for D23 Expo! This week, we're gonna focus on my second coordinate for the event. You saw my Anna snowflake covered get up, but the other princess I am paying tribute to is much more sunny and water friendly. And if you guessed Ariel, you'd be correct! With my recent purchase of Marine Kingdom, I've been dreaming of doing as many different mermaid themed coordinates as possible - The Little Mermaid herself, included.

In this coordinate, I am focusing more on Ariel's purple aspects within her color scheme, and having her mint/green parts be featured in the accessories and more. I definitely am planning on rocking chiffon as much as possible, including the blouse, which I find from Forever 21. I also bought a specific Ariel wig, one that is fluffy and full of life, just like Ariel's own locks. I'm 

As for jewelry, I was on a hunt for the perfect Mermaid themed bits and pieces. Bless the magic that is Automatic Honey, because one of their big collections this year happened to be all about that mermaid life, from seashells, to sea ponies, starfish and more - this collection was made for me, and this coordinate.

I'm still a little confused on what to wear for shoes. So far I am thinking my sparkly jellies could work, as if Ursula is transforming my tail into legs - but maybe I'll try and get some oxfords to go with it instead? Oh the trouble with shoes, there are too many of them!

Curious to know about my third outfit for the Expo? Check back next week for another installment of Prepping for D23 Expo! Want a clue? Think roses. 




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