Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Prepping for D23 Expo - Part 1 - Anna Coordinate

This week, with a month till my big trip, I am gonna start a small three part series about my prepping for Disney's D23 Expo. Many of you are probably wondering what exactly that entails, other than packing my Mouse Ears and Park Tickets - and trust me, it gets a lot more complicated, but in the best of ways possible.

So, to begin, I wanna start by explaining what I will be wearing to the Expo. For some, they will be in a basic T-shirt and jeans throughout the duration of the event. For others, they will be cosplaying from morning till night, with possible multiple costume changes throughout the day. But what about me, you ask? Well I will be doing a mixture of both, as I will be wearing Lolita Fashion coordinates all weekend, inspired by some of my favorite Disney Princesses. But which ones will I be tackling? Here's a breakdown:

On Friday, I will be rocking the Expo as Anna from Frozen. Disclaimer: Frozen is in no way, shape or form, a favorite Disney movie of mine. But, I will confess, that I am in love with Anna as a character all her own. So in celebration of my love of this fun and bubbly princess, I will be doing a slightly more snowflake themed coordinate, featuring Btssb's Queen of Snow ~ Fragment of 「Eternity」 I Hid in Snow Globe JSK in Navy. My main concept for the coordinate is to show off what Anna would look like if she was an Icy princess, like her sister Elsa, and was covered in snow. This is shown mostly through the snowflake decorated veil that'll be my main headdress for the outfit. There will also be a crystal headpiece to go with the veil, to represent when Anna freezes near the end of the movie.

Thus far I have been able to purchase everything for the outfit, except for the crystal drop headpiece. I am planning to either DIY it myself, or ask for the awesome assistance of my friend Victoria from Parfait Doll to help me with it. I'm hoping to see if I can find snowflake charms somewhere in the city, which would add a bit of flair to the piece.

As for shoes, I am going to be wearing either brown boots that resemble Anna's a bit, or white oxford shoes for comfort. We'll see which the weather will allow me to handle, as Anaheim is quite a warm climate. 

Now for make-up, I'm hoping to get my hands on a new blush, as I want to have super rosy cheeks to resemble Anna as best as possible. This make-up tutorial is adorable, and I hope to follow it, to get Anna's freckles too!

As for other accessories, I'm planning on rocking some of my snowflake pearl jewelry I've collected over the past couple of International Lolita Day celebrations. I'm also gonna wear some of my more delicate rings, like my Rose Gold Kate Spade Bow ring. I was wanting to get snowflake nail art, but the only ones I've been able to find are in darker tones than what I want. But trust me, I'll be going all out for this one. 

Want to know what I'll be wearing for the rest of the Expo? Tune in next time Part 2 of my Prepping for D23 series! Tip: It'll be on the Aquatic side of frilly. 


Imilia said...

I don't know if you've ever heard of Incoco, but they sometimes sell snowflake nail art/stickers. Their stuff is super easy to use. The usually have products that are at least in your color scheme that would that would still look amazing ( I rarely get a product of theirs that I don't like).



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