Thursday, April 4, 2013

Goo Goo Dolls Live Concert via Youtube

I haven't really talked too much about my actual music taste here on this blog, except for a small post on things that relate to my frilly moments that involve some tunes. But now I wanna take a moment to talk about my favorite band in the whole universe: The Goo Goo Dolls. Yeah, yeah, most people don't like the Goo's, mostly because they are used to their modern sound that is a bit more tame and Lite FM specific, and sure they would be right that the Goo's have made their sound much more commercial then it was back in the day. But I would like to offer a refreshing take and knowledge to those haters that have no idea about the Goo's prior to modern day albums Let Love In or albums that came after. But what am I a fan of? Well, as did many people, I learned of the Goo's via their first big commercial success Dizzy Up The Girl, which was my first album/CD I ever purchased as a child. With the nostalgia, its an album that has stuck with me as the sound of my childhood, including songs that I continue to sing obnoxiously loud all the time. 

Ever since that purchase, I have been a fan of the band more than any other. If you were to compare my love of all things Disney to anything else I treasure, The Goo Goo Dolls are probably the closest other thing I can speak of in equal amounts of fandom love. I have literally (since 2006) seen this band 8 times, and will hopefully be seeing them at least one more time this summer (though I am trying to make it to more then one show during this tour, especially since they are touring with another 90's nostalgia group: Matchbox Twenty, who I have always wanted to see live!) But I guess I can add a 9th show to my list, since last night I was lucky enough to catch a very cool event via the god like force that is Youtube. Since The Goo's are releasing a new album in June titled Magnetic, Warner Bros Music is pimping them out more then ever. Maybe its because of the commercial sound with their first single, Rebel Beat but I think they are hoping for this more happier album to be a bigger hit than prior album, Something For The Rest of Us. So in promotion of the album, a live concert was streamed from LA's famous Troubadour, and it was fantastic to say the least.

Most of the first couple of songs were big commercial hit songs from the past, including Slide and Here Is Gone. Then they drove straight in the new single, which is slowly growing on me, even though it sounds like a rip off of One Republic's B-Side catalog. Finally, the Goo's then dived into the new material and it was almost as if I time traveled back to not Dizzy Up The Girl era, but definitely of the Gutter Flower (my other favorite album) for sure! Sadly, because it was close to midnight, I don't remember much of the song names, but once the album drops I'll be sure to know these new songs by heart as they are precious and pure Johnny Rzeznik romantic goodness. There was especially one song, which Johnny added that he loved, that when listening you could tell the effort and fun he had writing it. It gave off a Tom Petty sort of vibe, which is always a good thing. 

The show kept going on, with some funny remarks here and there from Johnny talking to the audience, which is always a highlight of mine when seeing them. Though nothing yet topped such classic moments as when Johnny found out what the name of the Goo Goo Dolls were in German (link here if curious) or the various marriage proposal's, it was cute to hear the audience immediate reactions to the new material and to see the smile on the band members face as a result. Of course though, as much as I love Johnny and Mike, Robby will always be my favorite member of the band, and I am always the happiest fangirl when I see that big nerdy smile on his face. Robby, co-vocalist and bassist of the band, I am convinced was once a raccoon or a flying squirrel in another life. No, he doesn't look directly like an animal, but Robby has so much spunk and energy (especially for his age and height) that I am of the thought that he must not be from this world. Detected in Badtz Maru stickers and his barefoot punk rock attitude, Robby always shines to me in his performances.

(picture from Instagram)
This was definitely apparent when Robby debuted his new (or one of his new?) special vocal songs from Magnetic. Though most of the time Robby's songs come off more like the B-side material and are never singles for the album, I really was impressed by the incredible improvement I felt in this new jam, almost to the point where I would dub sections of it as beautiful. Robby sounded incredibly confident and on point when performing the track, and I give major props to him for sounding the most like he does "on the record" he ever has, though for Robby's case thats a bit easier due to his unique raw vocals. Even though many of his songs are a hit or miss for me, this was definitely 100% a hit! Go Robby! 

So the burning question, will I be going out on June 11th to buy Magnetic? Duh! The concert wasn't gonna sway me from not purchasing it, but I will say it has improved my overall thoughts of what the album was gonna be, since the first single left me feeling empty. Now hearing a crop of the new material, I feel much more excited and interested to take a good listen to the new songs and embrace them as part of the Goo Goo Dolls discography. Granted, it might not sit right next to Boy Named Goo or Superstar Car Wash comfortably on my shelf, but I see it definitely pushing Let Love In to the side for a good long time. And with that, maybe then people won't look at my confused when I say these guys are my favorite band. 




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