Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Fan Girly Post: Iron Man 3 Theater Dispute

As every nerd on the planet knows, May 3rd is an important day here for us Iron Man fans. The third installment will be released to theaters here in the USA, or at least we hope it will.

As a New Yorker, most of our theaters are part of the Regal or AMC theater chains, with the rest being that of the indie sort. So when the recent news came that Disney and the two most popular theater companies are in a dispute, my thoughts immediately go to rage mode.

Please Disney, get your stuff together with these companies and figure out what to do. I know that everyone and their momma doubted the Marvel cinematic universe and now is floored by the success and wanting in on the cash cow. But please, let them these companies do what they want, only so I can see my favorite snarky bad boy millionaire at midnight (as per my tradition with the Marvel movies!) And especially with their being many female Marvel cinematic fans, I’m sure many know my “feels”.

If indeed this deal is not agreed upon AMC, Regal and Disney will be missing on almost 800 + theaters getting absolutely no revenue from the film. This would be one of the biggest money loses of all time, especially since the movie is projected to make 100 million in it’s first weekend. Disney should prepare their tissue boxes, because it John Carter made them cry, wait till they see what would happen with this and November’s Thor: The Dark World’s loses. 

Are you wanting to see Iron Man 3? What are you thoughts on this news?   


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