Friday, March 29, 2013

A Fan Girly Post: I'm Going to Disney World

As many of you might know, I had only come back from Disneyland at the end of January. Sadly I never got to finish all my re-cap posts of this trip (I hope to soon!), and yet somehow by the magic that is pixie dust and believing, I am going to the other park - Disney World in October of this year! This particular trip has been in the works for almost two year, and for a split second looking like it wasn't gonna be able to happen, but now it is 100% happening and I am so excited, I can't even properly explain it all. But for a moment, let me try!

First off, this will officially be my first Disney trip without my mom. Its a bit bitter sweet to not have my casual Disney fanatic with me, but its a good stepping stone for me slowly growing up and doing these big fancy vacations all by my lonesome. But I actually won't be alone! This will also be my first big non-convention vacation that I take with friends. I will be going with my frilly friends near and some from far, and I can't wait spend some quality time with them.

This will also be my first Disney World trip where I am not staying at the Carribean Beach or Port Orleans Resorts. This time I will be staying with my friends at one of the value resorts, The Pop Century Resort to be exact. I am super excited to stay at this place, which has gotten a lot of good reviews from my friends in the past. I am really hoping we stay at either the 50's or 80's area of the resorts, especially the 50's since there is the super cute Tramp statue near the area (pictured above)! I also can't wait to check out all the cool stuff offered at the resort, including a bridge that connects to new resort Art of Animation, along with movies shown by the poolside. (And since we will be there during October, I am so hoping for some cool Halloween movies!)

Speaking of Halloween, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party will be going on during our stay and we plan to be there for that event as well. So who will I be? I am going to do a much better and wig adorn version of a Marie inspired coordinate. I have worn a similar coordinate at other events, but prior I had never been a fan of wigs. Now I LOVE wearing wigs, I am gonna rock this coordinate out. 

I want to also mention that as usual I can't wait for all the epic food! Last time back in 2008 I was at Disney World, I didn't research the places I wanted to eat as much and stuck to nostalgic favorites. Though I am doing that this trip too, I have been researching hardcore into this amazing blog called the disney food blog and have been looking into the best things I haven't tried yet! Look at it and I dare you to not get hungry to an extreme degree just seeing the pictures.

So, yeah, I am excited. And I can't wait to make a bunch of epic posts for you guys to see before and from it when it happens. Maybe even I'll do videos and be a fancy blogger like I wanna be.




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