Monday, February 1, 2016

Magic Princess - Castles, Scepters, and Black Rings - Oh My!

Hey readers!

I've been pretty busy since my last legit blog post here, catching up on all things from the Holidays, Lolita Events, and more some. But, as I don't like to disappoint, I thought I'd write a little bit about something I am excited about - and it is frilly - trust me.

I don't often get the chance to purchase things when a big new brand release happens - but when the opportunity presents itself, I always attempt to do so! This time around, I noticed that Angelic Pretty was releasing a new collection - and not just any - but one that spoke to my inner pastel royal. What dress might that be? Well, if you couldn't guess, it's Magic Princess!

The print is covered in sparkles, tall pastel castles, and beautiful Magical Girl inspired scepters. Seriously, this dress is my everything for so many reasons. From the variety of colors it comes in (I truly love every one of them for different reasons) to the detailing on each of the three cuts (the underbust JSK being my personal favorite design) this collection is one from my dreams. 

When many of my friends saw that I had purchased this dress, many of them immediately were like "Well of course you got this, it is so you!" which made me really happy - since (in all seriousness) this is definitely the kind of image I want people to think of when they are thinking of me. Pastels, castles, elegant but nostalgic pictures of royalty - this is definitely my kind of print. 

There are many reasons why I fell in love with this print, but mainly it is due to a key memory it tapped into for me. Many of you know my love of all things 80's/90's (since that is when I indeed was a child) and as such, one of the things I was obsessed with as a kid was the board game Pretty, Pretty Princess. 

For those of you that never got to experience this "masterpiece" of game design, let me go ahead and explain the basic "plot" or point of this 90's relic. Essentially, you and your fellow friends, who I assume are supposed to be poor folk, happen upon a box of magical princess accessories, including a crown, ring, necklace, bracelet, and earrings - each in specific colors. Your objective is to collect all of the items (in your designated color) so that one of you will become "The Pretty, Pretty Princess" - who, let's face it, is the one of you with the most bling by the end of the game. Oh how times have changed - imagine if the US president could win their seat in the White House based on how many color coordinated pieces they collected? Would sure be a different world, right? 

I can't say I remember much of playing a complete round of the game, but I do remember the accessories that came with it. The colors and images were pretty iconic in my mind, and though the objective of the game at the end was a bit silly (your reward was looking at a mirror? *shrug*) it still was a piece of my childhood that I will never forgot as a whole - specifically the one time I got the infamous "Black Ring" and felt the weight of the Pretty, Pretty Princess world on my shoulders. Trust me, when you had that thing on your finger, it was bad news. Of course now, my inner teenage goth kid would be proud to wear that piece - oh the irony!


So, now returning to our time machines from our past board game adventures, I'm sure many of you are curious to know which version of Angelic Pretty's Magic Princess I ended up purchasing. Well, as much as I loved the look of the underbust JSK, I decided to go for comfort and pick the fully back shirred JSK cut, with the super cool and interesting military style buttons on the front. The color I picked was the Sax colorway, which was the one that stood out the most to me. It showed off the print the best, and made the gold details pop better than any of the other versions did. Currently, it seems the Yellow version is the most popular, which I can totally see why - it is very unique, and a nice warm yellow instead of an annoying canary type that most AP yellow prints come in. 

Sadly, I couldn't afford to get any other items from the collection on release, including the coveted crown purse. But, in all honesty, having just the JSK is fine by me. I think it is absolutely perfect, and I hope I can rock it in a super romantic coordinate for Valentines Day. I know it is breaking tradition for me to not wear red and pink together on that day - but the call of my Pretty, Pretty Princess sisters is strong, and I must answer it by wearing this masterpiece. 

I'll be sure to make a post (and video!) when I receive this! So, did any of you get Magic Princess? Which color and cut is your favorite? Comment below and tell me all about your purchases! 


The Drop Bear Lolita said...

It's so lovely, right? I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan so this was so exciting to see! I had to pass as I'm frantically squirrelling away my coins for an overseas trip in a few months. Sigh. I can't wait to see a coordinate with a Sailor Moon Proplica rod. I just know it will happen. I feel it in my waters!! haha



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