Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NYC's Lolita Community Halloween Tea Party 2015

The spoopy season continues, especially in New York City's Lolita Fashion Community! We just had our annual Halloween Tea Party, hosted by the queen of spoop herself, Yanise of KawaiiLIFE. This year's party took place at King's Carriage, a location we went to for a similar get together years ago. The staff loves us, and always is super friendly, even remembering specific frilly ladies whenever we return. The place was perfect for a spooky themed party, with the burgundy walls, creaky floors, and other little touches.

Yanise set up a lovely, down to earth event, which included a Jack-o-Lantern contest that was beyond cool. The creativity of the contestants was so inspiring, especially Amy's Pokemon pumpkin and Ashley's Baby Head pumpkin. Each of the winners got three awesome prizes: two small Baby The Stars Shine Bright wallets, and one large white one as the big grand prize. There was also an honorable mention prizes, which was a free digital copy of Crystal's book.

As for me, my outfit was a bit of a last minute effort. I was pondering for weeks what I could wear to the event, but finally when I asked Crystal what her coordinate was gonna be, I decided to twin with her. The general look of my outfit is inspired by 60's Mahou Shoujo series like Sally The Witch, with some touches of cute silver and blue accessories to make the colors in Magical Etoile pop! My favorite item I added was my Beast Disneybound hairbow clip (from Extra Sweet Bowtique), putting a little bit of a Disney element into my otherwise Magical Girl coordinate.

If you're curious to know what fun was had, my first new vlog in forever (which is also on Magic Ala Mode's official new YouTube channel, yay!) can be viewed below:

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Until next time, keep up the magic!


Sarah Oh So Kawaii Xoxo said...

Sounds like you have a lovely party! We had a spoopy party for our comm, but I actually hosted it at my house :) My outfit was also very last minute as i was still trying to figure out what to wear as people were walking in the door, but I eventually settled on being a cat :p

<3 Sarah | Oh So Kawaii



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