Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy 20th Anniversary "A Goofy Movie"!

20 years ago today, one of my favorite movies in the whole world was released. Though I don't remember the specifics, I'm pretty sure I saw it close to its opening weekend, and from that moment onward, it has made my life just that much better in every way possible.

A Goofy Movie is a strange film in the world of Disney. It takes liberties with one of the most beloved Fab Five characters, gives him an angst filled teenage son, and them throws them into a pretty grand, yet mature, road trip adventure. There's romance, Big Foot, even a Michael Jackson inspired pop star, all wrapped up in a glorious, 90's package.

In celebration of this anniversary, here are a few of my favorite little things from this gem of a movie:


Probably my favorite thing from this movie as a whole, is the music, specifically anything that Powerline sings. As I mentioned above, Powerline is sort of the Disney certified love child of Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, and Prince, in the body of a humanoid dog.... man? Yeah we'll go with that. Regardless, Powerline is one of the coolest characters, even without having any dialog in the movie. His songs (performed by Tevin Campbell) are some of the most addicting, clearly 90's produced, songs to ever be created. They never get old and give me a surge of nostalgia that is pure, amazing, and ridiculous. If I had to pick one song to be my favorite, probably I'd go with Eye 2 Eye, just because it is  and will always be catchy. But no matter what the tune, you can't go wrong with Powerline. 

Jason Marsden

When I saw A Goofy Movie, one of the things that stuck out the most to me was the vocal performance of "whomever was the dude" that voiced Max Goof. He did a really good job, five year old me felt, and had a "cute" sounding voice. I then eventually discovered that the guy who voiced Max, and many other beloved characters (Binx from Hocus Pocus, Haku in Spirited Away) from my childhood, was named Jason Marsden, and he is one awesome guy. Aside from voicing nostalgic favorites, he also voices a lot of current shows, and seems to sing on occasion too (in Nashville of all places!) Talented, cute, and cool (just like Max), finding Marsden through A Goofy Movie was one of the best treasures to ever discover. 

Max and Roxanne 

Though, at five years old, I wasn't exactly an expert in the romance department, I knew that for some reason, I really liked Max and Roxanne together. Maybe it was because it was just a simple, down-to-earth, teenage crush sort of scenario, or I just really dug the voice acting (reference above), but something about Max and Roxanne's relationship was really lovely, to me, at a young age. The two of them are sort of awkward outcasts in their own right, with complicated parents that have their flaws, which was refreshing for a kid who was overloaded with old Fairy Style style romances. Neither of them were perfect, and that was cool, especially for me with all my childhood issues. So with all those charms and more, I can say I am a lifelong fan of these two, forever and always. 

This Scene.... 

The feels are strong here. Don't even need to explain it. 

So, if you can't tell, I love the heck out of A Goofy Movie. It's a movie that might not be as popular as the fairy tale Disney flicks, but it will always remain one of my favorites for the rest of my life. It might not be your movie, but it sure, will always, be mine. 




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