Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rufflecon Indiegogo - Help Make This Awesome

For a couple of months, I've had to keep somethings going on in my life under wraps. Now I can start talking about something very cool happening that I am involved in - an event that could be one of the coolest to happen in the East Coast if done correctly.

Here is the official description of Rufflecon:

"RuffleCon is the annual conference we hold as a two-day event, showcasing different informational panels, activities, dances, and other fun things to get involved in. We also have a Marketplace where you can purchase clothing, accessories, and other items any alternative fashion lover would enjoy."

RuffleCon just posted a few days ago their official Indiegogo page! Check out the link and video here

So, East Coasters, do you want to have a conference where you can have an amazing time with all your frilly friends and make new ones? Do you want to experience an elegant (mature) place to get dressed up that isn't your local Anime con? Then RuffleCon is the place for you!

If you donate you can help us get some cool events/guests for the conference, along with helping make the entire weekend truly incredible. But we can only get there with your support!

If you'd like more information, check out my friend (and one of the ladies running the event) Caro's blog for more information. Her post is fantastic!

Incase you were curious, I am going to be one of the major staff members that will be helping with the Screening department of the conference. We have a lot in the works, so keep a look out for it on the site  in the future. Also, I will be running a couple of panels (which is always awesome) at the conference, so look for that as well.

So, in general, support something that could be an amazing event! We need your support and your ruffle love!




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