Tuesday, December 3, 2013

La Belle et La Bete (2014) trailer is finally here

Oh...my...god. The trailer me and many a BatB fanatic has been waiting for is finally here.

I literally am a bit speechless at how truly stunning every aspect of this movie is from first glance. From the composure of the shots, to the lighting, to the costumes - every aspect of this trailer is truly breathtaking. Let's break it down with some interesting shots from the 1:58 trailer of brilliance.

The sequence with Belle riding the horse was perfect, and you could clearly see the inspiration from Cocteau's version. 

I love how in this version, the area surrounding the Beast's castle is actually more spring like than winter. Maybe this changes because of the seasons or that possibly its a reflection of the Beast's enchantment, that it reflects his mood. 

Out of all the costumes I've seen on Lea, I believe this might be my favorite of her gowns. It's very similar to the gown Belle wears in the 1946 version, the perfect princess dress. 

Right off the bat, the motion capture work for The Beast is very well done. I'll have to wait to see the full movie to give my complete review on this aspect, but so far it seems up to pare with a lot of Weta's recent work. The hairs are especially interesting. 

Again, the CGI sets in this movie are nothing short of brilliant. They capture the perfect fairy tale quality needed for the story, and I love how Belle's dress compliments the colors in the set design. 

Now of course, there is always something that leaves the audience questioning elements in the film, and no BatB adaptation is complete without something new and fresh. These little dog/fairy like creatures seem to be the new "servants" of Beast's castle. Not sure if I dig these little guys yet or not. They don't seem bad, but they sure aren't the awesome scary trolls from Panna a Netvor. 

Another perfect example of the excellent cinematography shown so far for this film. The framing is stunning, and I love the stink eye Lea is giving here. 

Uh, can we just talk about how handsome Vincent looks here? *sigh* 

Like, seriously. *sigh more*

Also apparently there is a ballroom sequence. *claps*


This scene is by far the most interesting. The ice setting, the Beast chasing after Belle in some fluffy Elton John coat - the curiosity is killing me. Especially since the bottom shot is probably in the same sequence. Um... well god damn

One interesting element that should be addressed is how The Beast facial design seems to be completely different than the promo poster lead us to assume. If you compare the two, one face (the poster) is more fluffy and lion like, where his face in the trailer is definitely Cassel's facial features covered by the motion capture design. Interesting

So what are your thoughts on the La Belle et La Bete (2014) trailer? Comment below and let me know. I'm just gonna be replaying it for the entire rest of the day. 


Unknown said...

I really loved that trailer! But still one question about those little dogs playing with some dolls in the castle. Are they the castle servant mixed up with the dogs we can see in the trailer? Well, i don't know, and that killing me!
If you have some more informations about it, i'd love you to share them with me :)

Unknown said...

Hello!! I'm really excited about this movie! Everything is a tribute to the original fairytale. Those creatures are the director's take on the orginal servants of the castle in the tale - monkeys!

Unknown said...

When will it come to the U.S.?!?!?!

nior said...

Hey regarding the ballroom sequence I think the audience is in either Belle/Bete or both of their minds as when you see another bit of that scene when they start dancing they are in a garden/outdoor thing by themselves. She also says to him at one point during the dance "Let it go" maybe the Bete is imagining the past and his life as a prince with the woman he loved and how Belle reminds him of her and she notices it and tells him kindly that he can't keep living in the past. Also if any of you speak french there is the article interviewing Lea and Vincent about the movie it's from Premiere magazine and is up online they talk about the relationship of the characters especially in comparison to the Disney and Cocteau films some of the sexual tension between La Bete and Belle in this version. It's a great read

kkk said...




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