Thursday, October 31, 2013

Disney World 2013: Day 1

I have finally returned from Disney World and am now ready to give all you lovely readers a breakdown of the most relaxed, awesome vacation of all time. Lets start with the official first day of the trip. First off, I woke up extremely early (no surprise there) as I was too excited to sleep. I decided to spend my incredibly early time by explore the grounds of the resorts.

First I toured around Pop Century. We were located in the 70's area (which ended up being cooler than expected!) Our room was very close to the giant set piece of the section, showcasing a huge Big Wheels Bike and Mickey Mouse Telephone. As I walked around further to see more of the decor, I noticed a group of bunnies hopping near me. This was incredibly adorable and surprising, even for this little New Yorker who used to seeing similar creatures. I tried to snap a shot of one, but the lack of light made it hard for a good picture.

Afterwards, I returned to my hotel room and saw all my other roommates were awake. We got dressed and made our way to our first park visit of the trip: Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Lauren didn't fit in the car, so she had to lay on our laps!

First we visited one of my favorite rides of all time: Star Tours. After visiting a galaxy far far away we headed off to check out more of the park. On the way we went on the ride that made me want to be part of the filmmaking business: The Great Movie Ride. Though simple and cheesy as hell by today's standards, this ride captures the perfect little feeling that watching the grand classic films of the past give you when viewing them for the first time. Some of my favorite moments are seeing Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain or Dorothy and crew from The Wizard of Oz.


After a few more rides and attractions, we eventually got to the Animation building and participated in one of their famous drawing classes. This time we got the chance to draw Donald! Though difficult, I was extremely pleased with how my favorite quacker turned out. 

Everyone's Donald Drawings!

We continued to explore the animation area of the park, including their famous shop that featured stunning art, sculptures and other Disney inspired trinkets. I am particularly loving the pieces of original princess Snow White, done to be in a more dramatic style of her signature dress. I also was secretly eying the Indiana Mickey Jones statue, cause it is just friggin priceless.

Lunch time finally arrived, and thus meant getting to visit one of my favorite places in the world - the place that I dub (similarly to The Great Movie Ride) "My Church" - The Sci Fi Dine In Theater. This little burger joint is inspired by B-Movie Sci Fi craze of the 50's. You are seated in tables designed to simulate the cars of the era, while being surrounded by a starry night sky. In front of you is a giant movie screen, which continuously shows a reel of 50's/60's sci-fi trailers and snack time promos. 

One of my favorites thats shown is the famous "Hot Dog Jump In Bun" animation that is probably most famously seen behind John Travolta during the "Sandy" sequence in Grease. It continues to be ridiculous silly and endearing at the same time! Click here to see

"Let's all go to the movies"

Though this place might not have the best food in the park, the atmosphere and variety of comfort food choices make it totally worth the visit. My personal favorites are their onion rings and picnic burger (a hot dog and burger in one!) 

Then it was time to check out some more attractions. We visited the animation section again, this time to do a personality quiz. Interestingly I got Cinderella, a character that I never thought I would have much connection with! Crystal got Lady, while Andrea got Dot from a Bugs Life. Lauren then found out she was Belle (Jealous!) and the best of all.... John found out he was Jafar (even more jealous....)

After some relaxing times, Andrea and I stopped off to see a live show I had never experienced: Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. The show is a group of stunt actors recreating (in the most cheesy style possible) famous scenes from Raiders. I personally loved the show, even though you can tell how dated it is (especially by the big fake film camera they use...)

Afterwards we went to relax at the Writers Stop, a little coffee/cookie joint near Star Tours. There I got to eat the famous Carrot Cake Cookie (basically a carrot cake flavored whoopie pie for us East Coast kids.) It was delicious and beautiful, along with being HUGE. The coolest find though was Mickey shaped macarons! Though not the best in flavor (I am spoiled by my New York bakery macarons...) the shape is cute enough that it doesn't matter. 

Finally it was time for my favorite show in all of the parks: Fantasmic. We got to the arena area early, and got what could be the best seats I have ever gotten to watch the nostalgia classic. But for a short second things seemed to not being going well, as it was raining and I was scared the show would be cancelled. But the preshow went on and all seemed well. The show of course was as flawless and as awesome as ever, and continues to make me cry through the whole thing without fail.

After the show we headed to do one last ride on Star Tours. We went through the galaxy twice in a row this time, but sadly got the same exact planets both trips. Ah well!

Then we took the bus back to our hotel and found something special waiting for us: Beautifully shaped towel decorations! The one in the window we named Latrice Royale (after our favorite Drag Race contestant <3) and the other was a big giant bow. We think they made this for us since we had so many frills in our closet! Either way it was truly adorable.

And that was the end of our first day at Disney World! Look for more posts soon <3


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Very nice compliments on your blog ☺

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haha, my younger sister had that vintage mickey phone growing up.. I wonder how much it's worth..



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