Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fangirly Post: Two Princes of Different Kinds

Sorry for things being slow here on Magic a'la Mode! I've been insanely busy the past month like you would never believe. But let's take a moment to celebrate some new movie news that is worthy of a Fangirly Post!

First up, finally the poster for the 2014 French Beauty and the Beast film was released! And yes, we finally get to see the Beast in the (CGI) flesh. The design itself looks awesome, but I am a tad nervous that the motion capture budget isn't up to pare, and thus The Beast will look a bit cheap on film when he is next to his completely live action co-star. Either way I am ridiculous excited.

But there is one thing I have complete confidence in, and that is the Into The Woods film that is currently in production. Dear god the cast of this movie looks flawless. Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp and Chris Pine - it is literally perfect. Speaking of (my favorite aspect of the movie) Chris Pine, there was a lot of on set photos released including him in his princely garb! Check out how charismatic and charming (pun intended) he looks!

Its really hard to contain my excitement over seeing Kirk/Jack Frost in a super ridiculously pretty prince outfit, about to belt out some of my favorite tunes in musical history. Seriously, with every new thing I hear about this movie it sounds better and better.

What are your thoughts on Beauty and the Beast? Do you like this new interpretation of the character? And what about Into The Woods? Any fans out there? 




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