Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Old Man Crush List

Now its no secret that I am a big huge girly girl when it comes to my feelings on romance and cute guys in the lime light. I sure do have a huge crush list when talking about celebrity crushes, but I have my own separate list that I believes needs to be mentioned to the masses: My Old Man Crush List.

But how does one determine the Old Man Crush? How is even a male celebrity put into such a category? Well for me, there are a few factors that must be included:

1 - The individual must be older than 45.
2 - Must still look awesome compared to their younger selves.
3 - Must not let their age damage their confidence.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's explore the crush list, with some junior candidates not old enough to become full time members:

Idris Elba
Age: 40
This junior candidate has all the charm and sass to be part of the Old Man Crush list, but since he is five years too young to be eligible, I can't exactly rank him on here. But in a couple of years, he sure will be added to the top rankings. But that doesn't mean we can't stare at him in that delicious black suit in Pacific Rim

Edward Norton
Age: 43
At the top of my favorite actors list of all time is Edward Norton. He's a shinning example of adorable deliciousness with a hint of scary underneath those yummy pearl like eyes. Sadly though, he's too young to be on this list. But in a two years he'll be added to the list for sure!

Takanori Nishikawa
Age: 42
Yes, get over the shock - this dude is in his 40's. Takanori literally is drinking from the fountain of youth and whatever he is doing it's working amazingly. It always surprises me to learn how old he is, but it also creates a level of respect. If a man in his 40's can still wear short shorts like that with confidence, he deserves to be on this list. 

And now time for the official list!

10. Patrick Dempsey
Age: 47
I never was a fan of Grey's Anatomy, but for some bizarre reason when I saw Enchanted I fell in love with Patrick Dempsey. Maybe it was because he played such an adorable and lovable father figure with a heart of gold, or that his comedic moments with Amy Adams were perfect, but something about his performance made my heart go nuts. Also, it doesn't beat seeing him in a Prince outfit near the end. Now I have a lot of admiration for Mr. Dempsey and even when he is in a truly silly movie, I'll watch it just for those good looks.

9. Keith David
Age: 57
Sometimes people fall for the looks first, but in this case it's the voice. Every time I hear Mr. David's voice I lose it. He's got the vocals that seriously are so dreamy and sexy, it's hard to deny them. It also helps when he is the voice of my first ever childhood crush, Goliath from Gargoyles. With that, plus a fantastic singing voice and that cool overall swagger of awesome, Keith definitely had to be on my list for sure. 

8. Mark Ruffalo
Age: 45
Ah the Ruffalo! He's got the charm, the cute smile, and the hint of nerdiness to keep all your senses pleased. With roles in the The Avengers and guilty pleasure classic 13 Going On 30, Mark has always stood out as a rarity in the older man department. Now that he's letting the grey hair come in, he's just got this natural sexiness about him that's hard to deny. 

7. Antonio Banderas
Age: 52
I am a child of the 90's, and as such it is my duty to speak of the immortally amazing Antonio Banderas. Ever since Interview with the Vampire, Antonio has stolen my heart with his fantastic accent and adorable overall essence. I'm totally okay admitting that I'll put on Mask of Zorro or Take The Lead just to watch him dance or talk, either way it's an enjoyable time with this Spanish hottie.  

6. Robert Downey Jr
Age: 48
Mr. Downey Jr is literally a god of delicious. The man literally can play anything and look good doing it, but especially this comes to play when he is portraying his alter ego Tony Stark or Sherlock. But I think the thing that makes Robert the most attractive is his beautiful and fun personality, something that you can't deny finding charming. 

5. Josh Brolin
Age: 45
Brolin is been immortally a hottie from the beginning. The Goonies was my first time experiencing my crush feelings for him, but like a fine wine Brolin has gotten cuter with age, especially in roles like Jonah Hex and Men in Black 3, Brolin always classes up a movie with ease. Personally, I am super excited for his turn in OldBoy, where it looks like we'll get a lot of shirtless Brolin and that's always a good version to watch for two hours!

4. Vincent Cassel
Age: 46
I have a huge weakness for French men. Not exactly sure what it is, but that Parisian flare makes go weak in the knees. Now if you combine that attraction to a guy that can play slightly creepy powerful roles, then you have my dream man and Vincent fits that bill perfectly. With roles like in Black Swan and being featured in all those perfume commercials, I was sold on Cassel instantly. But now that he's playing my favorite character of all time (The Beast) he might eventually jump higher on the list. 

3. Ron Perlman
Age: 63
Similar to Keith David, Perlman I first fell for with his voice. Playing one of my favorite characters, Vincent in Beauty and the Beast (80's TV) along with playing my favorite comic book character of all time (Hellboy), my crush developed without even a thought. But after watching him in Sons of Anarchy, I fell for the whole Perlman package. With an equally hilarious sense of humor and a fantastic overall personality, Ron Perlman is the coolest guy ever and hence why I crush. 

2. Jeff Bridges
Age: 63
Another man that is on the same level of cool factor to Perlman (and the same age ironically) is my high ranking Old Man Crush. Ever since I was a wee little one seeing Tron for the first time, Mr. Bridges has been a love of mine big time. His relaxed attitude, his awesome taste/talent in music, and his overall adorable nature just make me wanna snuggle with him by a fire and let him sing me some old school country tunes (This song especially!) And now with R.I.P.D and Seventh Son coming out, I can't wait to get my older Bridges with yummy facial hair fix!

1. Ralph Fiennes
Age: 50
What can I say about Ralph without exploding my fingers with fangirly excitement? Ralph is just the perfect package. He's smart, fun, silly, talented, handsome, and just a overall fabulous individual. Every single movie he is in makes me crush for him even harder (yes, even Red Dragon) But special mentions should go to romantic roles like Wuthering Heights or Maid in Manhattan, where he is just giving all those fantastic romantic feels. You can't deny the Fiennes, you just can't. 

And that's my list! Do you have an Old Man Crush List? Who is your number one? I'd love to hear your thoughts or even celebrities regardless of age you are crushing on! Comment below!


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