Monday, July 15, 2013

La Belle et la Bete (2014) Photos Released Plus Interview With Director (rough translation)

Finally some photos of La Belle et la Bete (Beauty and the Beast) have been released along with an explanation of the photos by director Christophe Gans. Here I did a really rough translation of two key elements from the interview in Premiere Magazine, giving some really awesome insight into this new version of the fairy tale. Again, this translation is very rough, but I hope it at least paints a much more clearer and excited picture for people interested in the film.

(My favorite photo so far)

Interview Translation: 

"In the suit that we created for Vincent (Cassel), there is a combination of all I love the classic fantasy. The Phantom of the Opera, Count Dracula, the disfigured hero of The Phantom of the Paradise ... Monsters of cinema must be beautiful creatures. The decor is a beautiful chamber, a cave with an amethyst basin which provides a magical water. This is a reference to the mythology or the caves are recurrent and or gods punish humans transforming into animals. The texts of ancient times, as The Metamorphoses of Ovid, are the source of european fairy tales, which differ significantly from their Hollywood equivalents."

First off, HOLY CRAP Christophe referenced my favorite movie The Phantom of the Paradise. Not going to lie, that automatically made me smile - BIG - TIME! The fact that he is drawing so many fantastic references into his version of my favorite literary character of all time is kind of the coolest thing on the planet. I don't care how biased and weird it makes me sound, hearing details like this make me think this could be my favorite version of the story put to film.... and it hasn't even come out yet. Le friggin sigh.

Interview Translation:

"Here, we show why the Beast has become what it is. This is one of the things that I was passionate in the project. I've always been disappointed by the explanations given in previous versions. This is completely eluded in the Cocteau and aberrant Disney. In our film, we go back three hundred years ago, or Back when the prince spent his time hunting in the field with friends. He will commit an act against nature and be punished. In this photo, the chataeu is a lively place, the people of courtiers, guards and hunters. Three centuries later, when the Belle discovers this gigantic mausoleum overgrown with vegetation, including a rose in which her father, the merchant will pick the flower...."


I 100% agree with Gans on the previous versions retelling of The Beast's origin story, in which the way that it is told is disappointing and not as grand. If something as insane and traumatic as being turned into a creature by a fairy is just glanced over, the audience comes unsatisfied with the character ark. This seriously will be fantastic to see, and judging by the photo I assume he has had a past lover that maybe he betrays in the process of whatever this "act against nature" is. I am thinking maybe he kills his wife or a friend, maybe an important creature that he hunts? So many questions are now spinning in my mind. Either way, you can't deny how good Vincent looks in that red suit! 

Now that this has got you interested, check out the other photos below! Are you curious to see the film? Are you dying to know what these changes are? What do you think The Beast will look like? Comment below!


Alexandriaweb said...

I really like the sound of this film :D

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for translating the article! I am super excited about this film and from what I see in the trailer- it's going to be AMAZING!



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