Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fan Girly Post: Anime Sols Pledge For Creamy Mami

Hey everyone! So I am making this post here to speak to you on an extremely important cause, and that is to get Creamy Mami a proper release finally here in the US of A. As you all know by now, Creamy Mami is my favorite magical girl series and the inspiration for much of my current style today along with me writing about magical girl shows again!

So now, Anime streaming site Anime Sols is doing a pledging drive for the next 2 months where they will be able to make a legal DVD box set of the series with your pledge of money. You can make pledges of $5 - $2,000 and get goodies from the series in return!

If you are at all interested (and wanna make my dreams come true!) help this pledge be successful and help Creamy Mami get the release here in the states it deserves, click the link here. Please help this adorable little show get some mega love and get some love from it in return.




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