Friday, January 11, 2013

Top 5 Things I Am Excited To See In Disneyland Resort

As this blog was originally suppose to be only Disney related, and with my upcoming trip, I thought it fitting to make a post dedicated to what I am the most excited to revisit on my official second trip to one of my favorite places in the world (next to Disney World and New York) , The Disneyland Resort! This can be anything from food, to a ride, to even the speck of sparkle left after a parade on the grounds of Main Street. So lets grab our Mouse Ears, breath in the smell of corn dogs and popcorn, along with the sounds of some old fashion tunes, and go check out my Top 5 list!

5. Meeting Peter Pan

Ever since I discovered the pleasures of Youtube, I became obsessed with watching Disney Character Meeting videos from the parks, but especially that of meeting Peter Pan. Many a video I have seen of a teen/young adult fan girl coming up to my favorite hero and shrinking back to the maturity of a five year old, giving them the time of their lives. I have, upon this research (or we will just call it that for now) seen multiple different Peter's and am excited to see which one I will meet and encounter (hoping for the one in the video, as he is my favorite!) I also have a crazy long lists of characters I want to meet, including The Evil Queen and Prince Naveen (just to name a few!). Oh Naveen... <3

4. Limited Time Magic: Bayou Bash

This year, Disney's big park promotional campaign is called Limited Time Magic, aka We are gonna bring back things for you nostalgic nerds and make it a cool Disney memory for you normal tourists. Luckily, two very cool events are happening during my stay! For one, the classic show The Golden Horseshoe Review will be back in Frontierland, and now they just announced that New Orleans Square on the weekend I'll be in the park will bring back Bayou Bash, a celebration of New Orleans, Cajun Food and also an opportunity to meet Princess and the Frog characters plus get to fangirl over the classic Disney crew in purple and blue outfits. Basically, when Disney gives me an excuse to try more Cajun food (my favorite kind of food, might I add), hear live Jazz music and see Chip and Dale in adorable outfits, I am so there.

3. Goofy's Kitchen Breakfast

On my birthday, my first activity will be having breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel! This will be my second visit to the epic buffet paradise, but I am really going there more for the atmosphere and the character interactions. Basically this video explains it all perfectly. The place is extremely random (including serving Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza) especially with the choice of characters, making it sort of the lucky pack of dining experiences in the park. Its the mixed bag of epicness. Speaking of food....

2. The Food (PERIOD)

To say the Disneyland Resort or any of the Disney Parks has excellent food is the biggest understatement of the year. You know that overwhelming feeling when you see so much of something you want that you can't chose? Thats the feeling you get (in the best of ways) when at the Parks when it comes to the food choices. Any type of food, dietary specific need, treat or full service, is available to you in all sorts of shapes, sizes and tastes! I am looking forward to all my meals, but the two on the top of my list are the following: The Blue Bayou will be the place of my birthday lunch and I will be enjoying their famous Monte Cristo sandwiches, and following that is my lunch meal of the next day at Carthay Circle Theater in DCA, which is inspired by the theater that Snow White premiered in. All I have to say is: Shrimp wrapped in bacon. Also, can't forget the desserts, primarily the top one on my list: Tigger Tails. Three marshmallows on a stick dipped in carmel, chocolate and then white chocolate to look like the classic Winnie The Pooh character!

(PS: This is photo by faeofdoom on flickr, of Bacon Cheddar Popcorn. No, I am not making that up)

1. Riding Indiana Jones and The Temple of the Forbidden Eye

One of my favorite memories from my first trip to Disneyland in 2011, was going to the Indiana Jones ride for the first time, as well as the last. This ride was one of those I was a bit nervous to go on, mostly because I get a bit spooked by things pretty easily (a jumpy sort I am usually), but my California frilly ladies proved me otherwise. With their jokes, enthusiasm and the ride itself, it officially in that instant became my favorite ride in Disney parks history. Its the first ride I plan to go on on my birthday and plan to ride it multiple upon multiple times. Plus, they just gave it a recent and much needed refurb, with a couple of new and redone visual effects! So without a doubt, this is gonna be the best even with the snakes!

So, excited to see the photos of these things? Are there any requests of things people want me to bring back in terms of pictures or video, etc? Can't wait to be posting stuff from the trip! FYI, if you would like to be kept in the loop, check out my tumblr here. I will be updating live on my entire vacation, so keep a look out for fun photo posts!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bye Bye 2012 ~ Some posts to look forward to


As you might have noticed, the Holiday season has taken me over extremely to the point where I had barely anytime to post on here. I had an excellent holiday, including getting a beautiful gift from my boyfriend. But now I can reassure you that I will try and come back with a force in the next coming days. The thing that I can say is going to make you all smile is to expect a HUGE series of posts on my trip to California at the end of the month. I'll be going to Disneyland on my actual birthday along with checking out Melrose and other parks of Los Angeles.

I'll also be doing some reviews (expect a very length retrospective on the musical Les Miserables, including the new movie) including my recent trip to see the show Nice Work If You Can Get It. Also, I am getting back to video reviews (its on my resolution list, people!) including a whole series on Magical Girl shows and franchises.

So, does any of that get you excited? What did you do to celebrate the Holidays? I want the scoop!

So in short, hello 2013, I am excited to meet and get to know you better ~!



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