Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Fan Girly Post: La Belle et La Bete starts shooting!!

Its time for another one of my....
Today I just found out that the new French film production of Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et La Bete) has begun shooting. You can view the evidence here. This means that there is glorious magic happening, including Vincent Cassel getting all dolled up in some possibly epically awesome Beast make up. Shall he live up to my fangirl standards? I am not sure, so for the moment I will ponder till I judge. 

Another fangirl thing to randomly discuss, I just found out that during my soon approaching Calfornia birthday trip, I will be going to one of my bucket list theaters: The El Capitan. And even cooler, I'll be seeing one of my favorite classic Disney flicks, Peter Pan. I can't wait, and even more so to see all my CA rufflebutts! 

In addition to those CA plans, I also reserved the restaurants I will be eating at during my vacation at the Disneyland Resort. I don't wanna ruin the surprise of all of them just yet, but I can say for my birthday I chose to dine at Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside of Pirates of the Caribbean. Though I was told their food isn't the best, I seriously wanted to go somewhere special on my epic awesome birthday, and why not go for the place with the coolest atmosphere, period. Check out the video below for a review from one of my favorite Disney centric youtube channels, A Mouse and a Dream, about the place and their most famous dish! 

I know these kind of posts are beyond random, but I thought that sometimes its good to just share the exciting things on my brain and possible topics of upcoming posts! Are you guys excited about anything new coming up in your schedule? Are you guys Disneyland/Disney World fans? Do you have a favorite food from there? Tell me the T!


Amani said...

Dalin pls. omg. If you don't have that gumbo I will shake the crap out of you when you get back

Arika said...

I love The El Capitan! I went to see Hercules there when it first came out and they has a whole set up afterwards with live shows games, and the obstacle course from the movie. SOOO FUN!



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