Friday, November 23, 2012

Learning Things About Yourself: An Essay

As many of you might have read, my best friend Victoria over at Parfait Doll wrote the most excellent article about breaking up ever. With reading that, and coming to some terms of my own discovery, I have also reached to this point in my own world to where I need freedom. But freedom in what exactly? Freedom in so many different forms that can be expressed. I am a wild butterfly, that needs to fly in the sky. I jump from flower to flower often, hoping I am going to find the right petals to stay near and rest my tired wings. I feel that I am still in my stage of flight, and I need to keep flying until I have reached my destination. I am still searching for that destination. (WOW DALIN, way to be a cheeseball)

2012 has been a year in which I have made countless mistakes, and learned from each and every one of them. Mistakes in my romantic life, my career, and most importantly my self respect. I need a lot of things from the dream life I have. I am not asking them to be perfect, cause hell even dreams aren't actual perfect, I require some tough love and an argument about my life now and then. But what I want is something moderately close to the goal that is my dream life. So here I thought I would share those goals out of interest and for therapeutic reasons. Maybe you will find them helpful or interesting, you can find out for yourself.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lolita Playlist

Over on Lolita Blog Carnival this week, the topic of discussion was What Is Your Lolita Playlist? Sadly, because of Sandy I didn't get a chance to post on time for the deadline and thus I wanted to make my own separate post on the topic! Seriously, I really couldn't let this topic just fly by, since playing music while I am getting frilled up is truly one of my favorite parts of this whole experience in wearing Lolita. Music helps me get in the right state of mind, feel confident, and just overall kick ass in my coordinates and attitude. Curious to take a listen, check out the list here:

Francoise Hardy - Le Temps De L'Amour
Personally for me, I get a giant music nerd spasm when I hear anything in french, especially when its music from the 60's. After seeing the movie Moonrise Kingdom, I became obsessed with this song and Francoise Hardy. Her vocals are haunting and creepy, yet its pure french music bliss for me. Easily, this had to be added to my list. 

Alphabeat - The Spell
Many of my music choices come from my addiction to 80's music. Yet not from that era, Alphabeat combines the best of modern vocals with synthesizer beats and addicting, catchy chorus lines. The Spell is a perfect example of what they are best at, and its probably in my top 5 list of my favorite songs from the group. Even though English isn't their first language, you really don't mind when you listen to this tune!

As I mentioned last week, I love the culture of Rockabilly, which includes both fashion wise and music together. One of my favorite female artists from the era is Ruth Brown, and this short little song is beyond perfect to get me in the spirit for feeling girly and to have some positive attitude. The lyrics are definitely silly and a reflection of the time, but I still find it charming and catchy as hell.

Manila Luzon - Hot Couture
As Victoria over at Parfait Doll might have disclosed, one of the things we both like to play when getting frilled up is RuPaul. As much as I love him and want to spread the love of his addicting tunes, I don't wanna see like a copy cat. So instead I wanted to post another one of my favorite very similar artists, Drag Race favorite Manila Luzon's first single Hot Couture. First off, this song is so catchy I truly dare you to not get it stuck in your head. Plus as a New Yorker, the street references are perfect and I feel as if this in my anthem in a lot of ways. 

Kimbra - Two Weeks/Head Over Heels (MASH UP/COVER)
As many have already written, Primadonna Girl from Marina and the Diamonds is a really popular song right now! I love Marina a tons, but I wanted to share some love of another fellow quirky British lady that is starting to get some play over here in the states. I bring you Kimbra, this tall drink of water has really interesting vocals and presents a fun take on these two songs (including my favorite song from Tears for Fears) I also recommend checking out her original music if you get a chance!

The Giant Drag - Wicked Game (Cover)
If you can possibly imagine, I sort of have a thing for listening to angry girl rock when I get in the frills, especially when I am gonna wear some sort of punk coordinate. Over the years, I have become a huge fan of The Giant Drag, and this cover is my favorite of their songs. I love the raw angst sound it has, and I honestly think is better then the original Chris Isaak version. 

The Psychedelic Furs - Pretty in Pink
I think everyone that knows me personally knows that Pretty in Pink is one of my all time favorite movies, and the song is also one of my all time favorites as well. Its a classic, and definitely gets you in the mood to put on some vintage garbs and rock a pink hat and sunglasses like Molly Ringwald herself.

Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way
I couldn't make a playlist without including my favorite band in it somehow. The Scissor Sisters are a group that is hard to simply just describe in one way. This song though is probably one of their best dance tracks and even though its a bit of a taboo subject matter I love its strength and confidence. It makes me want to run into the streets of New York City and scream "I am fabulous, baby!"

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes
What can I say about the Pipettes? They are perfect. When their first album came out I was at the end of my high school era, and it just hit a cord with me unlike anything coming out at the time. Its simple, fun, pretty and vintage. All the things I love in one! Also, they had adorable outfits to match. 

And there you have my Lolita playlist! Probably not what you expected ha? What is on your playlist? Comment below and let me know!! Also, a fun update: Starting this week I will begin doing Daily Outfit posts! If you are interested in seeing them first I recommend following me on Tumblr here

Friday, November 2, 2012

Magic Ala Mode: Sandy Recovery

As you might have notice, things have been pretty quiet here over on Magic Ala Mode. Many of you in the USA and outside of may know that recently the east coast (mostly Tri-State area) was given a huge blow that we call Sandy (Insert Grease jokes here). Hurricane Sandy was by far one of the strangest weather events I have ever experienced in my life (and trust me, I have been through my share of hurricanes including last years Irene, which was no fun time either!) Sandy truly gave me a lot to think about. I really had thought past 9/11 that New York could really deal with anything, and that nothing could stand in its way. But Sandy proved my home otherwise. New York City and its fellow state sibling New Jersey are not in any sort of condition that could be considered livable, or even functional in most cases.

In my area, we were very lucky that a few trees and some days with no power were the worst of our worries. But I have to just take a moment to reach out to the families in my state that lost loved ones because of Mother Nature. This especially goes out to two young boys that lost their lives in Sandy that happened to live in a nearby town to me called North Salem (you can read about the tragedy here) These deaths are of course terrible, but especially when they hit close to home, including the fact that your family knew these children personally (my cousin's went to school with them and played with them on the local sports teams.)

Now you might be wondering why my frilly and sparkle covered blog is even writing about this? Well as much as I would love to avoid talking about such sad news as this, I need to write about it here because I feel this is the best place I can reach out to people. As a fellow New Yorker, I please ask that if you feel in your heart you could, donate something. If you could take a moment to not buy a new t-shirt, brand dress, or video game credit online, please donate anything you can to help! The residents of New Jersey and New York City, two areas which I know very well and have grew up in (including my family's origin city, Hoboken) need all the help they can get. Here is the list of donation sites and charities that will be able to help what I call my home.

Also, if you know anyone in the area at which Sandy hit, please reach out to them and give them your love and support. And to the fellow frilly Lolitas out there affected by Sandy, please know we can get through this together. I know that I have been lucky in that I have not been hit by the incident as bad as others, but please know we are all here for each other. My love goes out to all involved, and those that are still suffering from the Hurricane. My thoughts are with you all and will continue to be until things are well again.



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