Monday, October 15, 2012

NYCC/Pony Project Weekend

To say this weekend was epic is seriously the biggest understatement. I had a truly great time this weekend at New York Comic Con and on Sunday at the Sweet Streets/Hasbro Pony Project! Though a lot was hectic, some stress was had, it was very small in comparison to the really awesome and unforgettable moments that this weekend provided. Though the best part of course was seeing friends new and old, and having an excellent companion (aka the boyfriend) to go along with you on the ride. Here is a breakdown of each day of the con, with pictures (and video!!) for all to enjoy.

Day 1: Thursday Preview Night
Thursday was mostly a day to relax and chill as I went around 1PM ish to see the show floor (aka The Most Epic Dealers Room) all for myself and to check out one panel. My coordinate was casual (Magical girl inspired outfit of bloomers, t-shirt and Sailor Moon wand) but my attitude was nothing but excitement. I met up with a friend and waited for the con to officially open to the public. Once the Show Floor opened, it was a magical nerd covered wonderland. There was comics, movies, games, even some booths with wigs and frills to be enjoyed! I ended up making some pretty cool purchases, including my first Hangry and Angry item (a casual cute t-shirt I plan to wear at a meet up next weekend!) I also attended a panel that I thought was going to include one of my favorite film critics, but sadly he was busy working on an event for Nasa, but the panel was fantastic regardless! Afterwards I checked out the Artist Alley and bought an art print featuring Demona from Gargoyles (nerd happy forever <3) I then headed home early for a good chunk of rest for the first official day of the con.

Day 2: Friday First Official Day
The first official day of the con began very early for me when my boyfriend arrived extremely early to my house! We headed off to the Javits Center, with a HUGE crowd awaiting to enter the convention. Incase some of you didn't know, NYCC was completely sold out and it showed everywhere you go. All the spaces were crowded, everything was bustling alive and well. It was an excellent nerdy sight to see and even though I am not much one for crowds, I loved the energy. We mostly checked out the show floor and then saw Christopher Llyod aka Doc Brown get asked some questions. It was really cool getting to see one of your childhood icons talk to you ever so close. I never thought I would see the Doc himself so close to me, but it really was a treat! We then headed to the IGN theater and was lucky enough to see Kevin Smith and The Comic Book Men speak, along with Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and The Venture Bros! Sadly, Evan got really sick during Venture Bros, so we had to leave early. But I was happy to get some extra sleep so we both could concur the biggest day of the con!

Day 3: IGN Theater Epicness
Saturday is always the best day of a convention, but that is definitely true for this years NYCC. Me and Evan packed ourselves some meal bars (and dressed in my best Marty McFly get up) and headed into the IGN theater for a 4 hour marathon of incredible entertainment. First we saw Bruce Timm discuss the new Batman animated movie for DC The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. Next came The Conjuring, a new film by the very talented director of Insidious starring one of my favorite delicious leading men, Patrick Wilson and the awesome Lilly Taylor. Then was The Bay, a new horror movie by Barry Levinson that was surprisingly really interesting. Next was Beautiful Creatures, a romantic supernatural thriller based on the best selling book and stars Emmy Rossum (who was clearly the best person on the panel and got the most crowd love <3) Finally came the panel we had been waiting for: Carrie and The Evil Dead remake panels! Both were excellent, but Evil Dead was by far the best panel in the room that day. Bruce Campell has always been a hero of mine, and really shined at this presentation. The remake seriously looks excellent, and I am beyond excited to see it. The trailer gave me such shivers down my spin, I can't wait for it to come out for you guys to see! 

We ended the day by see the Tiger and Bunny official panel and, in what could be described as genius, The Trapped In The Closet Sing-A-Long panel (shown in the video for this post!) For those of you that have never seen Trapped in the Closet Part 1, watch it! If you can imagine how epic that is to watch this plus all the chapters with a huge audience, singing all the words with props, it was truly magical. I really hope Comic Con does something similar next year, I would so be there in a heartbeat. 

Final Day: Shopping and Ponies
Me and Evan got into the con a bit later and spent the entire well, spending our money. I was extremely happy to be in some casual frills/fairy kei, walking the crowd halls of the con one last time. The best was going back to the Artist Alley, and picking up a few beautiful prints. I got myself one of The Rocketeer and Indiana Jones, but the best was a pop art styled print of my favorite rebel hero Hellboy that Evan bought me as my present at the con. We then left the Javits Center, bags full of goodies and met with my friends Crystal and Victoria to see The Pony Project exhibit. 

This honestly was single handedly one of the coolest things I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Everyone there welcomed us with open arms, including some adorable little girls and a King Charles Spaniel named King Arthur! We all couldn't stop taking pictures of all the adorable ponies, and even one of the official Hasbro staff spoke with us about our thoughts on the Pony franchise (If you are reading this, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, it truly was a pleasure!) We then headed out for dinner at my favorite place, Bourbon Street Grill. On the way we ended up bumping into indie designer Kumamiki of Party Baby, a fairy kei brand. She was beyond sweet and very magical, it was really one of those special New York moments! 

This weekend was truly not to be topped! If you are curious to see what it was like through video format, I made a short little mash-up vlog here:

If you are curious to see more photos of the Pony Project exhibit, check out Victoria's post on Parfait Doll. Next up, I am really excited for a Halloween meet up with my friends and the Dances of Vice party at the Riverside church. Do you guys have anything exciting planned? Did anyone go to New York Comic Con or the Pony Project? Would love to know your thoughts! 

Thanks for reading!!


Anshin said...

Wooooow Comic Con is a really perfect convention!

yelley said...

Awesome pic of my mini Sailor Moon! :D

Dalin said...

Velley, what a pleasure for you to have found my blog!! I truly loved your sweet little Mini Moon, and she was a highlight of my convention this year as she probably was for many con-goers. I hope you have a lovely rest of your year and please tell her she has got a fan over at Magic-Ala-Mode!



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