Friday, October 26, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: What I Wear Out of Lolita

Welcome again another edition of Lolita Blog Carnival at Magic A'la Mode! One on this week's post, we will be unearthing something not that mysterious to some but also a mystery to others. Many wonder what a Lolita looks out of, well, Lolita style. For many that have been reading my blog, you may all ready know what I look like when not in the frills, but to the new readers here then I am about to reveal my Bat Cave, take off my glasses, show you my inner mysterious Jedi powers (Bring it on, nerd references!) and show you what I, Dalin, look like outside of the frills. Can you handle it? Lets do this!

So as you can imagine, I don't wear Lolita to work. Sure, I love being extremely girly and totally frilled to the nines, but with my line of work lets just say that isn't very supportive. I work in the film industry, currently as a transcriber and hoping to getting to be a film critic and historian. As such, I try to be myself but in cloths that is more fitting to the fast paced work environment I live in. Sure, I could girly it up a bit and would love to, but at the same time I tend be carrying around a giant backpack and cute girly dresses with a 30 pound thing on my back in the hot subway tunnels is definitely not a good mix. So what do I do to look cute in such circumstances? The answer is easy: Cute vintage tshirts!

As many will know, I collect nerdy graphic t-shirts the represent all my favorite things. From Jem, to Sailor Moon, plus Back to the Future costumed Muppet characters, I have an incredibly big huge t-shirt collection. At this point I am needing to get rid of a lot of my items, but until it really gets out of control I am not planning on stopping too soon. In addition, I also am a cardigan addict. I love ones with giant long sleeves and fluffy feeling, plus one with beautiful fabrics. One of my favorites I have is from the Madonna's Material Girl collection, in which the cardigan is mostly gray with big pink leopard spots!

Another thing I love in Skinny pants/Jeans. I love the curvy feel that shows off (for the most part) all my favorite aspects of my figure. The best is the wide variety of colors they come in, one of my favorites being a purple pair I got from Forever 21. Now I got to get myself a black pair for work, and I can definitely tell you I'll be heading back to Forever 21 for such an item! And to top it off, I love myself a good pair of boots or especially a comfy pair of Chucks/Converse. With the wide variety of designs, they pretty much go with all my outfits, in and out of frills.

But on the flip side of things, when out of work cloths and frills, I have another fashion obsession: I am in love with vintage fashion from the 50's - mainly Rockabilly style. Maybe it comes from my love of the music, Johnny Cash, and those fabulous vintage cars, but truly I believe it comes from a place deep down that feels a sense of acceptance. Rockabilly is truly a fashion that accepts and embraces women with curves and a healthy body shape more then almost any other fashion I have seen before. As someone that isn't exactly the smallest in the bunch, this is beyond comforting and a relief off of my shoulders. 

I think I get the most inspiration from fellow indie Lolita designer, Vivcore (featured on the bottom right) who also has a vintage 50's inspired clothing line. This woman is perhaps one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. She is a complete and utter inspiration and has really made me want to revamp my work wardrobe to be in this vintage 50's style all the time, even with my heavy backpack at work! (Maybe I can finally get a cute backpack one of these days!)

So now I gotta ask, what do you guys where out of the frills? If you don't wear Lolita, what do you wear on the weekends that is different from your everyday work cloths or are they always the same? 

Curious to know what other Lolitas wear outside of the EGL community? Check out the links from the other participates for this week here:


pop*princess said...

^-^ <3 I would love to see a post of you in your cute regular, daily get up! <3

redtonic said...

Oh your style seems really interesting. I like the sort of pieces you wear and i also love that not only the pieces are neat but also you chose them with interesting patterns. Sounds like an interesting mix.
I would love to see some shots too though, its a bit hard to visualize and also its my first time participating so that means i still do not know you. Hope i can follow your blog often now thanks to the carnival themes. <3

Well during week days i'm wearing very boring things that i don't consider to be my style, its just something i wear for work. During weekends i wear the sort of thing i posted, i'm wanting to keep wearing things that are age appropriate now (i went through so many styles when i was a teen/younger). I don't spend enough on regular clothes so i'm thinking about spending a bit on them from now on. Seeing as lolita is now something i only wear for gatherings, special occasions or just for whenever i feel like wearing it, it seems like a bit waste to only spend on it and not on what I wear more often now.
Anyway i loved your post, very interesting read and i really like your taste. <3

Babokinns said...

I always love having this discussion with fellow lovelies...what is your wardrobe outside of Lolita? Your style is really cute. I find myself dressing in leggings and cutie graphic tees as well. Accompanied with Lolita accents like Mary Jane shoes as well as over-sized hair bows. I just found your site. Very adorable. Good job! Blog buddies darling?

Dalin said...

Thanks ladies for all the kind words! With all the recent interest, I think I am gonna start doing daily outfit posts again :) We will see how that goes!

Babo, your blog is seriously precious <3 I would love to be blog darlings/friends :D

city said...

thanks for sharing..



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