Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 - Magic Ala Mode Top Panels!!

Yes, its here again! The giant, mammoth event of the East Coast, New York Comic Con, returns in a week and man is this year one not to be missed. In a matter of weeks the entire convention has sold out, with every day being jam packed with a collection of not to be missed events and celebrities, this might be the best edition of the convention in years and safe to say my body is pumped. Of course I will be going for all four days (My first Four Day con!!) in all my frilly sparkle nerd glory. So for those of you that are attending, wish you were attending, or are too overwhelmed to look at the schedule (boy knows I was shocked by the amount of awesome overlapping events), here is my breakdown of my favorite events coming to this years con. And away we go..... Under the cut!

My Little Pony Panel - Thursday @ 5:15PM
Get yourself pumped MLP fanatics, Hasbro and Hub TV are having their official MLP panel on Thursday. Not gonna lie, I am a bit surprised they didn't put this in the IGN Theater, as I am sure this will draw the biggest panel crowd on Thursday outside of the big event a few hours after. I am definitely planning to attempt going to this one. Every Pony needs to be there, and will be there I am sure.

Ben Folds Five Kick Off Concert - Thursday @ 8PM
If you are any sort of music fan, you probably know who Ben Folds Five is. A band with a name that was meant to be a joke, these guys are beyond any sort of laughing matter - with a down to earth appeal and amazing ability of making catchy melodies, these guys truly are beyond impressive. They finally just got back together after a 13 year hiatus and man am I excited for their return and especially that its at NYCC. If you are planning to attend, remember its first come first serve admission! Check out their new single here. (PS: The video is excellent, cause the cast of Fraggle Rock makes an appearance.)

Legendary Comics Panel w/ special guest Guillermo Del Toro - Friday @ 5:15PM
I'll admit it, I have a big old nerdy crush on Guillermo Del Toro. No, its not really what you think but when a man can create such beautiful pieces of art like Pan's Labyrinth and Cronos, its kind of hard not to fall for the guy right? Back in 10', I met Mr. Del Toro and like any struggle film student, I cried into his arms and he told me that he knew I would make amazing movies (it's the truth!) and moments like these make me wanna see my favorite director again even more. Del Toro and other cool artists will be talking about their upcoming project with Legendary Comics. You don't wanna miss it!

Kirk Hammett of Metallica Shows Off His Monster Collection - Friday @ 9PM
When you look at me in pink and pastels, Metallica fan doesn't usually come to mind. Maybe it was a way for me to get over my high school blues or just come up with new fun ways to edit Anime music videos, but Metallica has always had a big place in my music nerd heart. Though Kirk wasn't my initial favorite member (if you knew me at the tender age of 14, I had a giant crush on James) he has grown on me, especially with knowing his love of Monster movies. So to have a panel where he shows off his collection and geeks out? Its a dream come true.

Beautiful Creatures IGN Theater Panel - Saturday @ 3PM
I really have never been a fan of young adult novels, so no - I haven't read Beautiful Creatures. But after seeing this trailer, I can't help but get pumped for it. The visuals are stunning, the casting seems really interesting (Emma Thompson with a southern accent, WHAT!?) Also, if Emmy Rossum is somewhere, most likely I will go. 

Trapped in the Closet Sing-A-Long Presented by IFC - Saturday @ 8PM
The modern R&B musical epic comes to NYCC in the most brilliant of ways: Rocky Horror Sing-a-Long style. To say I am excited is a huge misjudgment, I am literally freaking out to go to this. In high school, Trapped in the Closet was a classic to me and my friends and to see this with a huge group of people, telling the story of R.Kelly's struggle through a closet, midgets, affairs and all - I just have to go to this. Ridiculous, maybe. But fun? Yes. Also there is an R.Kelly dance off. My response: Bring it on.

Lolita Beyond The Frills - Saturday @ 9PM
Even my fellow NYC Lolitas are throwing a panel! Look out for a good frilly time with my friends Chris Liryo of Sugar Bomb and crew, trust me it'll be a good time! 

And thats not all there is to be had at NYCC this year, there literally are tons of amazing other panels, dealers (Tokyo Rebel and Mighty Tee's will be there!), guests (Chrisopher Llyod is high on my list) and of course, free swag. So are you going to New York Comic Con this year? What is the highlight panel for you? Are you planning on frilling it up? I sure am! I wanna all the details, so comment down below. If you see me there, please stop by and say hello! I will be handing out business cards and would love to chat it up with you. 




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