Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beauty and the Beast of an Internet Kind: Interview with Web Comic Creator Megan Kearney

Web comics. I can easily say that it is one of the big nerd trends I have yet to get into. Maybe its because my reading taste is beyond picky, but only up until recently have I taken an interest to getting into them and trying to understand them. So with that then came an random day that I ended up on my favorite time steeler, Tumblr. One there I stumbled upon the trailer below, for a project I became incredibly interested in. Below is a simple and fun interview with creator of a new Beauty and the Beast web-comic, and trust me: I really think you should check this out! I present to you with creator of Beauty and the Beast, Megan Kearney and her fabulousness!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashion Night Out NYC 2012: Top Picks!

Not gonna lie, I am really excited for Fashion Night Out this year. I had a blast last year, but since it was my first it was too chaotic for me to really enjoy, especially since I felt sweaty and really uncomfortable in my outfit choice. This year though I have decided on a one to two prime locations for my enjoyment, but I thought I would list my top 5 for anyone else in the area interested this year. Let's jump right in! The descriptions are from FNO's website themselves and I recommend looking into the official stores twitter or FB to get more official details closer to the date!

1. alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet
GIRLS NIGHT OUT! It’s the ultimate slumber party at alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet for Fashion’s Night Out on September 6, 2012. Guests will dance along to our favorite 80’s jams and watch slumber party chick flicks while enjoying sweet treats and browsing the boutiques for the latest Fall frocks! Braid bars, manicures, charm bracelet stations and tattoo booths will be making over FNO shoppers with aura and palm readers on hand to predict our (sure to be bright) futures!

2. Target 
Join Target as we celebrate our fall installment of "The Shops at Target," featuring New York City's "Odin" and "Kirna Zabete," Boston's "Patch NYC," and San Francisco's "The Curiosity Shoppe." The one night only, pop-up shop will give New Yorkers the chance to shop the collections before they launch at Target stores nationwide and on Quantities limited to each guest.

3. Alice and Trixie 
Shop:Meet the designers & shop the newest collections from Alice & Trixie, Blank Denim, B-Low the Belt, & LeighElena. Primp:Get dolled up at our FREE BeautyBar! Hairstyling by Mark Garrison, manicures by Color Club, and feather Extensions by TheFeatherJunkie. Party:Dance on our Red Carpet with a live DJ and music preformance.Sip & Munch:Enjoy HINT Water, Cupcake Vineyards Wine, and GoodieBites Cakepops.GiftBags: The first 100 shoppers receive Gift bags with $350 in complimentary products and services.

4. Erin Featherson
Start off your FNO right with freshly trimmed bangs courtesy of designer Erin Fetherston. Meet Erin, shop her fall collection and get your bangs trimmed. Erin will be joined by the legendary Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi salons.

5. Juice Couture
We will celebrate our newest Juicy Couture fragrance Viva la Juicy la Fleur with fragrance sampling and a Viva la Fleur GWP bracelet with any fragrance purchase during the event.* *while supplies last.
We will have an in-store exhibit of Karlie's Instagram images as curated by Ivan Shaw. We will also have a digital photobooth to take your own FNO photos. Make a purchase and get your photo taken with Karlie Kloss from 6-7pm, then your photo will be uploaded to the Juicy Couture FNO hashtag as well as your own Instagram account!

These are definitely not all the events, but these were some of my favorites. The ones bolded are my two prime locations but still holding out to see if the Disney Store or Anna Sui have something going on. 

Are you going to Fashion Night Out this year? What is your prime location or are you going to be adventurous and go to more then one? 
Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shopping Sunday: Dear Angelic Pretty....

As some of you may know, Angelic Pretty has finally come out with some of their most recent products in "L" sizes. Now that is all well and good, but I can't say that as a long time customer of the brand that I am at all completely satisfied. When I hear that a brand is now making bigger sized items, I truly expect the difference in the size of the items to be far and between. But when researching and comparing these new items, I came across that the max waist on many of the items was only bigger by 3 cm in comparison to their normal sized items. My response:

Listen, I get that originally these clothes were never meant for the ever changing evolution of western sizes and that they were truly only created to be worn by one collection of sizes and no bigger, but when I see the word L tacked on to a tag, I expect there to be a dramatic difference between the two different sizes of the items. Sure, now that garment might fit better on me then prior, but what about the girl a whole other dress size then me? Doesn't she deserve to look adorable and a classy as hell in pink fluff too?

Brands, a word of advice: We love you and will support you, but now with this no replica business its gonna get harder for girls to find the clothes they want directly for you if you don't really try to cater to them. The L Size should be 8 - 10 cms bigger, not 3. The sleeves should have a comfortable elastic band around the arms, not death traps for them, and the bust should be a space at which to at last be able to breath in or at least give it some even more shirring then before. Just in general, make a little more effort into making this a real change and improvement in your brand, because this could have been incredible but instead is a bore in a new move, at best.

What are your thoughts on the new AP sizes? Agree, disagree, buying, never will touch? Curious to know your thoughts!
Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shopping Sunday: August 12th 2012

This is the beginning of a new series for the blog in which I will showcase some of my favorite finds for the Magic Ala Mode girl in you! This week I have been on a search for a new sweatshirt to take with me on my trip to Disneyland in January, since I realized due to the off-season timing its going to be my first time being in the park and it being wicked cold (for California!).  Also I found some other fun etsy things in my travels, some come take a look!

1. New Forever 21 Sweatshirts
Its so close to my favorite season, and that means Forever 21 is rolling out their new Fall collection including all the new sweatshirts and sweaters. As someone that is addicted to pastels, I am totally digging the looks this year. From shades of mint, pink and tons of Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorated pieces, you can't go wrong with these babies!
$13 - $23

2. Ilovecrafty's I'm Really A Mermaid collection
ilovecrafty could be my official new favorite jewelry designer on the internet. With fresh new and generally affordable collections, she makes designers like Tarina Tarantino look a bit on the boring side these days (though I will always love her, don't get me wrong!) I have a love for all their collections, but their recent Mermaid inspired one is making the biggest splash (pun intended?) From adorable starfish earrings to clamshell statement necklaces, these pieces are really beautiful.
$12 - $40

3. Golden Ponies
I am not going to lie when I say that it is beyond hard to find cute shoes for my size (9 1/2 - 10 US), but thanks to Golden Ponies, a company that makes custom leather products in almost any color, this issue is solved big time. I love wearing oxford shoes, which combine the comfort of sneaker with class of a ballet flat! Now with Golden Ponies, I can get these babies in any color, style or even boot shape I want! I plan on getting myself a pair of pink boots for my birthday this year to also take with me to Cali.
$45 - $60



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