Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shopping Sunday: Dear Angelic Pretty....

As some of you may know, Angelic Pretty has finally come out with some of their most recent products in "L" sizes. Now that is all well and good, but I can't say that as a long time customer of the brand that I am at all completely satisfied. When I hear that a brand is now making bigger sized items, I truly expect the difference in the size of the items to be far and between. But when researching and comparing these new items, I came across that the max waist on many of the items was only bigger by 3 cm in comparison to their normal sized items. My response:

Listen, I get that originally these clothes were never meant for the ever changing evolution of western sizes and that they were truly only created to be worn by one collection of sizes and no bigger, but when I see the word L tacked on to a tag, I expect there to be a dramatic difference between the two different sizes of the items. Sure, now that garment might fit better on me then prior, but what about the girl a whole other dress size then me? Doesn't she deserve to look adorable and a classy as hell in pink fluff too?

Brands, a word of advice: We love you and will support you, but now with this no replica business its gonna get harder for girls to find the clothes they want directly for you if you don't really try to cater to them. The L Size should be 8 - 10 cms bigger, not 3. The sleeves should have a comfortable elastic band around the arms, not death traps for them, and the bust should be a space at which to at last be able to breath in or at least give it some even more shirring then before. Just in general, make a little more effort into making this a real change and improvement in your brand, because this could have been incredible but instead is a bore in a new move, at best.

What are your thoughts on the new AP sizes? Agree, disagree, buying, never will touch? Curious to know your thoughts!




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