Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Downton Abbey Musical

The theater world can be an interesting place, one that has some of the strangest ideas of adaptations. And guess which one we can now add to the list? Oh yeah, Downton Abbey. (SOURCE)

Yes, that's right, the BBC hit about a fairy tale like rich family in the upper crust of 1920's British society, might indeed become a musical in the future - and though usually I am not a fan of theatrical productions based on hit franchises such as this, Downton Abbey might just work. And even though there is talks that this will be more like an arena presentation, just like Doctor Who's recent arena tour, maybe Downton will get the more classy theater treatment it deserves. 

As a long time Downton fan, my biggest concern with the stage adaptation is what aspect of the Downton story they are choosing to focus on. Obviously, the Mary and Matthew story has to be in there, along with Sib's story. But will they include every characters plot line from the past 5 seasons? I doubt they will be able to fit them all into it, but it would be incredibly interesting to see them try. 

The characters I'd love to see maybe get an improved and shortened storyline is Bates and Anna, who are though my favorite couple on the show, have a relationship that is rockier than the Rocky Mountains. Maybe they'll trim the fat on their back and forth issues with the law, and the death of people in their lives, and instead give them a more focused happy ending. 

It'd also be interesting to see if Mary and Matthew's story stayed point for point for the TV series. Maybe they'll have a happy ending as well, as opposed to you know.... the opposite. But considering this is a piece being adapted for theater, I won't be surprised if these two share the same fate on stage as they did on the small screen. 

Whether this becomes an arena spectacular, or a dramatic night at the theater, the future for Downton Abbey on stage is surely riddled with questions and interest in every way possible. 

So what are you hoping happens with this Downton Abbey stage show? Which characters do you want to see on the Great White Way/West End? Or do you think an arena show is a better idea? Comment below and tell me all your Downton feely feels. 



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