Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: Jolie's Sweet Creations

Bryant Park is starting to bustle with the magic of the holiday season! The little jewelry stores are open, the hot chocolate and apple cider are steaming, and the classic ice skating rink is open. Of course one of my other favorite activities is checking out some of delicious treats offered in the area. Though I am partial to the Macarons at Macarons and Cookies or the chocolate at No Chewing Allowed, this year I was invited to take a taste of the sweet offerings at new addition Jolie's Sweet Creations.

Jolie's is actually an off-shot of Enrico's Bakery (located in Harstdale and Bronx, NY), which is exclusively offering newer trendy treats that are popular in the bakery world right now, including their take on the famous Cronuts, but Jolie's calls them Kronies. I also was lucky enough to be given a sample of their chocolate covered Twinkie cakes.

First off, can we talk about how adorable the box is? The shade of pink is just precious, and makes the whole sweet experience that much more delicious. Now to move onto the treats themselves....

In the box (from left to ride) are the original glazed Kronie, along with a Boston Cream flavored one. On the bottom we have a vanilla chocolate covered Twinkie, along with the chocolate on chocolate version. First off, all three of these items are HUGE. I can't imagine eating any of them by myself... so with that I had help from my boyfriend for this review!

First I tried the chocolate on chocolate covered Twinkie. This by far out of all the treats was my favorite. The solid thick chocolate coating complimented the flavors of the Twinkie perfectly, and made me want to run to have another. The vanilla Twinkie was just as delicious, but I definitely think the coating works best with a chocolate filling.

Next up was the Kronies. As this was my first time tasting a Cronut, I have to say they are pretty tasty. But in all honesty I don't think they are the sweet for me, though I can definitely see why people love the heck out of them.

Out of the two flavors, the bigger hit was the Boston Cream, especially with my co-reviewer. He said the flavors worked really well, though we both agreed the Kronies are very filling and might require more than one meal to finish, even between two people.

Overall I think Jolie's Sweet Creations is a great addition to The Shops at Bryant Park. Though personally Cronuts might not be my thing, I definitely recommend checking out these delicious treats on your next visit to the Midtown classic. 

I also highly recommend checking out their Cannolis! My man tried one this past weekend and thought they were a gift from heaven. As for me, on my next trip, I got my eye on one of those epic Whoopie Pies! Though looking at all the amazing treats offered, its truly hard to pick just one at Jolie's!

    Jolie's Sweet Creams is located on the West 41st Side of Bryant Park, from now till January 5th!
Check out their website here. 




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