Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Fan Girly Post: La Belle et La Bete starts shooting!!

Its time for another one of my....
Today I just found out that the new French film production of Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et La Bete) has begun shooting. You can view the evidence here. This means that there is glorious magic happening, including Vincent Cassel getting all dolled up in some possibly epically awesome Beast make up. Shall he live up to my fangirl standards? I am not sure, so for the moment I will ponder till I judge. 

Another fangirl thing to randomly discuss, I just found out that during my soon approaching Calfornia birthday trip, I will be going to one of my bucket list theaters: The El Capitan. And even cooler, I'll be seeing one of my favorite classic Disney flicks, Peter Pan. I can't wait, and even more so to see all my CA rufflebutts! 

In addition to those CA plans, I also reserved the restaurants I will be eating at during my vacation at the Disneyland Resort. I don't wanna ruin the surprise of all of them just yet, but I can say for my birthday I chose to dine at Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside of Pirates of the Caribbean. Though I was told their food isn't the best, I seriously wanted to go somewhere special on my epic awesome birthday, and why not go for the place with the coolest atmosphere, period. Check out the video below for a review from one of my favorite Disney centric youtube channels, A Mouse and a Dream, about the place and their most famous dish! 

I know these kind of posts are beyond random, but I thought that sometimes its good to just share the exciting things on my brain and possible topics of upcoming posts! Are you guys excited about anything new coming up in your schedule? Are you guys Disneyland/Disney World fans? Do you have a favorite food from there? Tell me the T!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ILD 2012 at Lady Mendl's - How I Got Her Frilly Grove Back

This past weekend was Winter ILD (International Lolita Day) 2012. This now being my 5th Winter ILD celebration, I wanted (along with my partner in crime, Crystal) to do a much more traditional tea party of ILD's past, at one of New York's finest establishments, Lady Mendl's. I remembered when I started out in Lolita and truly fell in love with the culture, the tea parties at Lady Mendl's really held a nostalgic place in my heart. So with lots of planning in advance and all the glamour we could muster, My fellow hostess and I went forth with our celebration in the grandest of ways! 

The picture you see above was our own personal party space. I tried to get the best shot I could so I could properly capture the brilliance in decoration and atmosphere that Lady Mendl's provides. As much as I love other similar establishments in New York City, Lady Mendl's truly provides something much more old time feeling then any where else in the city. With the magical mixture of old decor, the sound of Johnny Mercer and Cab Calloway playing in the background, along with the yummy delicate smell of black teas, makes this almost like stepping into another time and place.

Me and Crystal arrived very early, and decided to snap some lovely outfit and room shots before the other guests arrived. I wore my Ala Carte JSK in White, H&M Pink Faux Fur collar, with off brand elements for the blouse and tights, plus my favorite new pair of boots from Forever 21. Also I was happily surprised with my new Purple Plum wig! I was supposed to get a different color, but they sent me this instead and actually I am truly in love with it, best accident ever!

When 4:30 rolled around, the festivities began! All of the guests arrived in fabulous winter style. Some in all out sweet, while others were in much more natural toned winter clothes, plus a few gothic pirate style ladies to add some spice! Everyone seriously was dressed to perfection, and added more to the dreamlike element of the party. Slowly every few minutes the servers came in with new delicious treats for us to munch on (Those cucumber sandwiches were perfection )

After drinking more then my fair share of Earl Grey (which was excellent, might I add!) All of us got ready for some fun with everyone's favorite way of getting presents, The White Elephant Gift Exchange. There were tons of adorable gifts this year! From jewelry to tea, comfy pillows and macaron shaped keychains, these gifts were seriously top notch! But what did I receive at the exchange this year? Nothing but the bestest present ever, I got my very own light saber! Even though it isn't frilliest of gifts, its something I have ALWAYS wanted, so thanks for making a dream come true, Koda! <3 

Slowly, the night wrapped up and everyone began to set off to home. A small group of me and a few of my frillies decided to venture to a bit of partying to end the special girly holiday, by going to one of my favorite places in NYC, Aspen Social Club. I am highly convinced this place is secretly inspired by Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. There are antlers everywhere, including the logo! After a few yummy grown up drinks (a Shirley Temple for yours truly!) and some awesome Fondue, the ladies and I retired to our homes and beds for a good night and following day of recovering. 

If you can't seem to realize from this post, Winter ILD this year was utter perfection. I was seriously impressed with how everything turned out, especially since it's my first time running a huge big event of this size and cost. Crystal, you are an amazing hostess, and to my guests, you were all amazing as well! Thank you for giving me the best gift a girl in frills could ask for: True and honest friendship. I really don't know what my life would be like without Lolita in it, and I thank you for continuing to make my life truly amazing and beautiful each and every day! 

So what did you guys do this year for Winter ILD? I wanna hear and see pictures! 



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