Monday, September 24, 2012

I Can Make It Anywhere: Broadway Flea Market 2012

So the Broadway Cares Flea Market has passed, and to say it was a success is an understatement. The numbers haven't been officially tallied BUT I definitely gave my fair share and it looks like a lot of other individuals did too. I wanna say that there was definitely more then 5,000 people easily, probably more. But the person I cared about the most was my best musical buddy Bii, who dawned frills with me for the occasion! We got up ridiculously early, put on our best pastels, and headed to the Great White Way. (Sadly I didn't get an outfit shot, but half of New York took our picture so I am sure you will find it somewhere in the future.)

(Macaron shake from LT Burger, Once Guitar Cupcake, Crowd at the Silent Auction)

Highlights -
1) Peter and the Starcatcher was one of the best Broadway tickets I have ever had the pleasure of purchasing. Totally worth it, especially if you are a Peter Pan fan like myself. The costumes, sets (or lack there of) are used brilliantly, especially with a simple kitchen glove as a bird.
2) Purchasing a bag of "Kitty Crack" (chocolate covered rice crisp flakes in chunks) from The Lion King booth was excellent, possibly the best $4 you can spend and the most fun phrase you can say all day, it'll keep the heads turning!
3) Getting your picture taken by almost every single booth was pretty fabulous, and getting compliments on your wig from Broadway actors young and old is also pretty fabulous.
4) Attempting to find Bonnie and Clyde merchandise with no luck sucked, but getting 2 Dangerous Liasons mugs and the How to Succeed in Business revival cast album for a $1, full of luck.
5) Coming back home with not one, but two gifts for your equally Broadway obsessed mother is always the best reward for a day paving the streets of NYC.

But the best highlight of all was meeting my favorite bloggers, Patty and Emily, and watching them do their "shamazing" magic. Thanks for chatting with a me, ladies! It was a pleasure and I hope to see you next year! One day I hope I am as cool as them (a girl can dream!)

So am I going next year? The answer to that is I plan to now go every year and you should too, it is 100% worth it if you are a fan of theater. Bring your dollar bills and make it rain to fight the battle against AIDS, and see some sparkly Broadway stars!


Arika said...

Awww I'm so jealous! It looks like you had an amazing time. I did not know Kitty Crack existed.



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