Monday, September 10, 2012

Fashion Night Out 2012: A Night of Sightings

So, as you all know I was heading off to Fashion Night Out, the 2012 edition. Its a night full of celebrities sights, free swag and of course, fashion (duh). So what did I do? Lets just say even though most of my time was spent by myself, it was seriously amazing and I would do it again (with more comfortable shoes) in a heart beat!

My outfit for the night, picture by Petrina 

My night started off with heading off to 5th Ave - with all its favorite stores and locations. My main locale was Sax Fifth Avenue, which is definitely my favorite of the big department stores of Manhattan and probably period. The entire place is truly stunning and continues to amaze me every time I visit it. I went up to the third floor, possibly to try and meet Glee star Darren Criss (not a huge fan of the show, but of him? That is a different story!) and his special guest, the fashion goddess (or monster? Depends on your thoughts.) Anna Wintour of Vogue. Sadly, I didn't get there early enough to get anything signed and thus would have only been allowed to scream in his face. (I kid you not!) So I decided to miss the chance for such a... meeting, and decided to try for another awesome celebrity sighting, which this time was a success! I found the one the only, Miss Piggy from The Muppets was doing her New York finest and was hanging out with New York's Fireman at DKNY.

After finding my favorite Pig, FNO went off without (for the most part) a hitch. I found tons of fashionable people, especially at Juicy and Sax. And then a dream of mine came true, I met one of my general Fashion heroes, Erin Fetherston. Known for her simple elegant vintage inspired designs, Erin is also knowing for her always adorable signature bangs and personal style. First off, she is stunning and a class act in person, she even told me she loved my glasses and took the time to ask what I did for a living, even if I probably came off really fan-girly. Erin, if you ever read this, thank you so much for being so nice to me and even though I wasn't on line for the haircuts (Sorry ladies, I all ready have bangs!) it meant the world to me to be next to you. 

At the end of the night, I was hoping to see Cyndi Lauper do a small set nearby, but the line was long and apparently it wasn't supposed to be a public event. But instead, I got my nostalgic middle school groove on and finished my night by seeing Vanessa Carlton perform a short concert in the shoe floor of Sax. I really can't express how magical it was to finally hear her sing live, especially of course hearing A Thousand Miles. 

One last thing happened on the way home, My group stumbled upon a store (to sadly which I don't remember the name) had a group of dashingly dressed gentlemen and ladies outside. So of course, me being one that is always charmed by a dapper man, had to grab a picture. He was so sweet, and even had a charming British accent to go along with his lovely smile! 

To further add, the other men that were working the food truck next door posed for my shaking camera skills in what I can only define as ultra kawaii pose #100. 

In conclusion, Fashion Night Out was splendid and I hope to be there again with a pack of even more friends next time! Did anyone else check out FNO 2012? What stores did you go to? Are you gonna go next year? Speak up in the comments!


Petrina said...

Store was Ted Baker. :D

Kieli said...

Wahhh I'm so sad I missed out on it! I would have loved to go >.< Maybe next time~

But so glad you got one of your dreams come true. :)

~ Kieli ~



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