Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog Carnival Post: Magic Ala Mode Outfit Under $100 - SAY WHAT?!

Oh outfits, they cost so much money! Lolita or not, looking fabulous will cost you a pretty penny - but sometimes there are ways to work around that penny where it is closer to the cheeper cost with an outcome of excellence in your wardrobe. Thus, in the first of many Lolita Blog Carnival theme posts, I was given the challenge... wait, WHAT THE HECK IS LOLITA BLOG CARNIVAL!? Lolita Blog Carnival is a new group where each week all your favorite Lolita bloggers will do a post relating to a theme that will feature all our unique view points, styles and ideas on the topic. Each post will be made on Friday, so look out for them if interested (and below you can see the other fabulous sparkly blogs participating!) Now with that out the way, here was this week's themed challenge post:

As I was mentioning, we all know that Lolita can be seriously expensive. With that in mind, the girls thought up a good idea of a challenge: Make a whole outfit for $100 or less. My outfit? I tried for a sweet more Otome/Casual Lolita style that could also work for a first date or work! Check out what I found below:

First off, I am a bit obsessed with I'm Your Present. Her creations are beyond fun and amazing, especially that new Ice Cream dress (which also comes in Mint!) But the best fun fact: All the other items are from Forever 21, a shopping girl on a budgets dream come true. Shirt, Socks, Shoes, Bows and Necklace can all be found there at your local locations (but go now since they sell super fast!) And all at just $95, lets just say in Lolita Fashion world that would be considered a steal. So curious to know , have you been able to make such an inexpensive coordinate? There are so many opportunities now with online stores, etsy and vintage finds that there is really no excuse nowadays to not afford even a simple outfit. So curious to see what others have found! 

If you yourself are curious, check out the other participating blogs of Lolita Blog Carnival here too for their take on this weeks challenge:

Come back next Friday for another Lolita Blog Carnival post! 
(HECK, I gotta tell you these things are fun! )


caro-chan said...

Oh my gosh, that dress! I love ice cream sandwiches xD It's so cool to see a print with them! I am loving your outfit because it's like Lolilta in disguise. It could easily be a really cute "fancy casual" outfit!

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