Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"CBGB's" Trailer Review

A side of me that I rarely talk about on any of the blogs I write for is my love of Punk Rock music and the roots at which it started. Maybe it's because I am a New Yorker, born and raised by two Punk Rock/music loving rocker kids that told me the golden days of visiting/playing at CBGB's and the magic of the Lower East Side pigsty.

So when years ago I heard someone was finally bold enough to make a CBGB's movie, one that told of all the famous bands that were born there, and would be hugely about Hilly Kristal (the infamous owner of the club) I was skeptical at best, fearing the influx of awful interpretations of some of my musician heroes (including my beloved favorite band since childhood, The Ramones.)

Time had past, and I had forgotten about the existence of the biographical piece, thinking it would be like any of the Punk Rock related flicks of the past and was put to the side. But today I type this post baffled and astounded by what I have seen (link here!)

Someone (by the name of Randall Miller) has done the impossible in making an actual movie about CBGB's and getting actors that (shockingly) look like their real-life counterparts. Most impressive is the casting choices, including Alan Rickman (one of my British loves <3) getting to play Mr. Kristal himself. But the most shocking is the reveal of The Ramones film versions, to which it is then almost impossible to tell the difference's between their real life counterparts.

The actor for Joey (Joel David Moore) is the most striking in his similarities the iconic rocker, with the actor playing Dee Dee (Steven Schub) reflecting the bass player closer to his older days and than his original CBGB's youthful self.

Though I am a still not fully sold on the movie (expect for the epic Ramones portions), I am truly excited none the less and can't wait till it comes out later this fall.

What do you guys think? Are you Punk Rock music fans? Have any interest in seeing this flick? Comment below!


Kassidy said...

I'm so unaware of what movies are coming out these days but this one looks promising! I love Alan Rickman so that's basically enough to get me to see it, but I've never gotten into punk rock enough that I'll want to go see this in theaters. I'm more likely to view this from the comfort of my home. But I still think it looks quite interesting!



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