Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcome to Magic Ala Mode !!

Yes, it's time to open the doors of the castle and welcome you to Magic Ala Mode - a blog for the more grown up Disney fan girl! Do you love the magic of Disney? The Princesses? The Characters? The Parks? Well now you can get your news, inspiration and fun posts without feeling that slight twinge of "This obviously isn't targeted to me", well now it is!

I'm writing this blog since for myself I haven't been able to find a blog bringing this information and now I want to bring it for those who had a similar frustration. If you are curious as to what to look forward to check out this small yet growing blog for News posts, Movie Reviews, Product Announcements and more! We'll even have ways for you to get the coolest merchandise and find the neatest fan celebrations and way to bring about your love of the Mouse and more!

Look out in the next coming days for D23 Expo coverage and more!

Excited? Well you should be! Look out for more soon!



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